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Insurance Risk by Room: Bathroom

Learn about the insurance risk possibilities you may face in your bathroom and how to protect yourself.

insurance risk

Every home needs a bathroom. Beyond the obvious reasons, it can be a place of solitude in a hectic house. It is the first stop before a busy day and a place to clean your body and face before you go out in the world.

A bathroom is also a prime place for insurance risk. There are many ways for people to get injured inside a bathroom, and there are many ways for bathrooms to get damaged. But do not worry. AAA is here to help you with homeowners insurance, and tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

How to make your bathroom safer 

Bathrooms get wet and slippery – especially the floors. And sometimes people fall and injure themselves while taking a shower or bath, or stepping out of the tub. Buy non-slip mats for both inside your shower or tub and outside. If someone in your family is elderly or disabled, you should also consider installing a grip bar. If you do, make sure to attach a bar to wall studs.

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Do you keep a hair dryer, curling iron or electric razor in your bathroom? Or any other electronic appliances or wall plugs? Please keep wires for these items away from water. If your hands are wet, completely dry them before using. Make sure all electronics are turned off and unplugged while they are not being used, and stored away from water.

If you have young children, keep any and all medications where they cannot be reached by little hands. Seal all bottles and use the childproof locks. Teach your children that even though some medications look like candy, they are not meant to be eaten and could poison them.

Bathroom safety do’s and don’ts 

Do not stand on the toilet or the edge of the tub. These places are not meant to be stood on, even if it is a convenient spot to reach a high place. Take out a ladder or a step stool instead if you need to get to an area out of your reach.

Also, do not rush in the bathroom! If you are running out of the shower, you are more likely to slip, fall and injure yourself. Better to be safe and late to get out of the house than to injure yourself because you were rushing.

Check for leaks from your toilet, sink and bathtub. Even a small leak can build up over time and cause major water damage. The important thing is to keep an eye out for damaged tiles and an ear out for dripping faucets. Make repairs when necessary, or be prepared to call a plumber.

insurance risk

Insurance risk with bathroom improvements

As you plan to remodel your bathroom, inform your insurance agent that you are starting a home improvement project. Your coverage may need to be updated, and the insurance risk may change. Ask if your policy covers bathroom improvements and renovations. This especially applies if you are doing work on your bathroom yourself.

If you have hired a contractor to work your bathroom, check that they have insurance for themselves and their workers, if applicable. Do not be afraid to ask because if someone gets injured while working on your home, you could be held responsible as the property owner. Ask to see your contractor’s insurance certificate and liability coverage.

Home property insurance

If a guest slips and falls in your bathroom, you could be held responsible. Home insurance helps mitigate that damage and ensures that you do not get stuck paying for doctor bills.

In the event of a natural disaster, bathrooms can be particularly at risk for damage. Damaged pipes can put your bathroom at risk of flooding, which can lead to more problems to all areas of your bathroom.

Make a detailed, written list of the items inside your bathroom. And if you have purchased appliances for your bathroom recently, attach the sales receipts to your list; store online or away from your home for safekeeping. You may also want to tour your home with a video camera or take pictures to show your insurance agent what your bathroom looked like before any damage. This also shows the condition of the floor, ceiling, walls and windows.

You deserve to go the bathroom (and all the other rooms in your home) without worrying about insurance risk. Let AAA worry about that. Talk to an agent today or visit AAA.com/Insurance to get a quote.

Have you remodeled your bathroom? Was safety a big factor as you were making bathroom improvements? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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