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wedding ring and band

Wedding Ring Insurance, Plus 4 More Things to Insure

Wedding rings are an investment that need to be protected. Here are some items you should be sure to insure.

planning a garden

Planning a Vegetable Garden

No green thumb? No worries! Follow this advice for planning a vegetable garden and you can look forward to a memorable harvest.

home inventory - living room

The Benefits of Making a Home Inventory Video

Home inventory videos are a great way to keep track of your possessions in case of an insurance emergency.

renters insurance

Renters Insurance FAQ

Have questions about renters insurance and how to protect the valuables in your apartment or house? We’ve got answers.

insurance agent reviewing a policy with a couple

5 Things Your Insurance Agent Wishes You Knew

Working with your insurance agent helps to ensure the best prices and protection.

insurance risk

Insurance Risk by Room: Attic and Basement

Learn about the potential insurance risks in the these common storage areas and often-renovated spaces.

insurance risk kitchen, ai room designer

Insurance Risk by Room: Kitchen

Learn about the insurance risks you may face in your kitchen and how to protect yourself.

insurance risk

Insurance Risks in the Backyard and Garage

Learn about the insurance risk possibilities you may face in your backyard and garage, and how to protect yourself.

insurance risk

Insurance Risk by Room: Bathroom

If it’s time to update your bathroom, don’t let safety go down the drain. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you and your loved ones are safe in the loo.

oscar party

Host an Award-Winning Oscar Party With These Tips and Ideas

An Oscar party isn’t just for the stars. Bring Hollywood’s biggest night to your home with your own celebration.

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