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Window Air Conditioner Maintenance Is a Must for Keeping Cool

window air conditioner maintenance

When the days get longer and the sun shines throughout the day, you need your air conditioner. An air conditioner makes the difference between a sweltering day and a tolerable one, from a sleepless hot night to refreshing and relaxing sleep.

Window air conditioner maintenance is of the utmost importance. You do not want to be stuck with a broken unit on the hottest days of summer.

Here are some tips and advice to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and providing you and your home with cool breezes.

Window air conditioner maintenance basics

First of all, clean the filters on your air conditioner. It is an important component of the unit, and a dirty or worn filter will place significant stress. If your air filter is reusable, clean your filter at least once a month. If your air filter is not reusable, replace the air filter every two to three months with a new filter.

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Dust and debris can build up fast and it’s a problem that is better to stop ahead of time. So increased pollen, allergens and dust may mean you should replace or clean your filter more often.

When it comes to window air conditioner maintenance, you also should clean the coils at least once per season. Dust and dirt build up over time, which can add to the stress placed on an air conditioner unit.

In addition, inspect the coils for frost or ice buildup. If the temperature becomes unexpectedly cool – about 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius – ice can build up, which means that it is too cold for your air conditioner to work properly.

You can clean the coils of your air conditioner with the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner or a can of condensed air. If you feel the need to clean the coils more thoroughly, remove the coils from the unit. Use an all-natural cleaner and set the coils aside to air dry. Ideally this is done at the beginning and end of your air conditioning season.

If you accidentally bend or damage the coils while cleaning, use a fine comb to straighten them out again.

Air conditioner maintenance tips to remember

Secure your air conditioning unit securely. Follow the instructions provided in your manual when attaching the side panels. Before installation, measure your window and mark off the center with a pencil to make it easier to make sure that the side panels are even.

When inserting your air conditioner into the window, have someone else help you lift up the unit and place it into the window. Close your window pane, and secure it with brackets and screws to prevent the window from being pushed up.

Keep your manual for your unit, as well as the receipt. If you purchased the unit secondhand or otherwise lost the receipt, try searching online for the owner’s manual.

However, there are times when the damage is too extensive, or it is difficult to determine what the problem is. If you feel a problem is beyond what you can fix, that is when you should call a professional to do window air conditioner maintenance instead of attempting it yourself and risking damaging your unit even further.

Take care of your air conditioner all-year-round 

When taking care of your air conditioner, maintenance is only part of the story. How you treat your air conditioner unit in the offseason is also important. Do not keep your air conditioner in the window during the winter. Not only do you open your home to a draft when it is cold out, but you also consume extra energy to heat your home.

Store your air conditioner in a basement or attic instead. It will last longer, and your wallet will thank you. Do not keep it in the garage, because it is more likely that rodents or bugs will start to live in your idle air conditioner and cause damage.

If you do have to keep your air conditioner attached to your window in the colder months, purchase an air conditioner cover that is designed to protect your unit from cold weather damage.

Do you perform frequent window air conditioner maintenance? Tell us in the comments.

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