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5 Questions With … Liz Eaton

5 Questions With … Liz Eaton

Liz Eaton’s journey to member retention counselor began six years ago when she was hired by AAA Southern New England out of the Merrimack Valley office.

She hit the road at AAA — literally– in road service before moving on to dispatch and ultimately membership, a role which evolved into the Outbound Contact Center, where she currently finds herself.

Before joining AAA, Liz worked multiple  retail jobs at Barnes and Nobles (a fitting career start for an avid reader) and JoAnn Fabrics, before becoming a database manager for a now-defunct company named Swimfish.

Outside of work, when she’s not reading or gaming, Liz can be found watching a favorite “bad” movie or adding to her voluminous collection of Bob’s Burgers figurines. But in the meantime, she dreams of an around-the-world journey.

Q: If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?

Bring back the ’70s ! Wrap dresses and bell bottom pants, knee high boots and who doesn’t love tie dye?! I love the color and the bohemian-style outfits.

Q: What is your most used emoji?

I took a look and discovered  the smiley face with the >< eyes sticking out its tongue. The one that means I’m happy and kidding and can’t believe this is what happened. ????

Q: If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

I would keep Kindle because my nose is always stuck in a book and I think I would literally die if I couldn’t read any more. It was a hard choice between that one and Libby; either way, I have to have an e-reader on hand.  Discord is another great app, any gamer knows that that this is a staple; it is how I talk to my friends, stream game play and get help or meet new people on games, from mobile to Xbox. With so many systems out there, it is nice to have one program to connect with friends.

Lastly, I would keep my Movies Anywhere app. It has all of my digital movies and TV shows so I can watch from anywhere! I love movies and since going to the theater is out of the question right now, it’s nice having the app so I can see all the latest and all my favorites.

Q: If you had a boat, what would you name it?

I would call it Asherah. It is good luck to name your boat after a woman (no idea where that came from), so if you do, why not name it after a goddess whose name means “she who walks the sea.” This goddess is also known in several different cultures and is being associated with the tree of life. With a name that is associated with life, nature and means ‘walks the sea,’ the boat should find safe harbor.

Q: How would you spend a million dollars?

I would pay off my student and car loans but I do have a dream vacation that my best friend and I planned out if we ever win the lottery: Six months of traveling the world (or part of it). We start with a flight to England where we see the sites in London and Cardiff and visit Diggerland. We’ll then go to Australia (one of our friends lives near Sydney), to see what is happening down under and pop over to New Zealand to visit some hobbits. It’s then off to Japan, where we drink tea and buy way too much stuff.

Our journey home will take us to China to take one of the most expensive plane rides back to New York. This beauty of a plane has an unbelievable menu, your own rooms and your seats even turn into beds! We read an article about this plane ride and have dreamed of taking a flight on it ever since. You can even select how the staff addresses you (your highness?).

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