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Plan Your Dream Vacation With Trip Canvas


There’s nothing better than taking a vacation, though the anticipation leading up to one is a close second. Dreaming and planning out the details of your trip is exciting, but can feel overwhelming at times. Where should you stay? What should you eat? What attractions can you absolutely not miss? A great way to make vacation planning fun is to use Trip Canvas, AAA’s free travel planning tool. Trip Canvas lets you research, plan and book vacations all in one place. Plus, you get access to AAA’s travel expertise, savings and discounts.

How to Use Trip Canvas

Where do you want to go? Trip Canvas can help you figure that out. When you open the site, you’re greeted with the top trending destinations, tours, hotels, experiences and more. You can browse around and see what’s hot, or you can type in your desired destination in the search bar. I’ve decided to go to Japan.

When I search for “Japan,” Trip Canvas shows me a map of the country, as well as areas of interest and icons to show how many different experiences are offered here.

trip canvas

I can see information like how many cruises stop here, how many vacation and tour packages include Japan, how many hotels I can book through the site and how many things there are to do.

I choose a destination that I want to visit – Tokyo – and I skip the prompt that asks me when I’ll be going, because I’m not sure yet. Trip Canvas is flexible for any stage of planning, from the blue-sky daydream to the brass tacks decision-making. Next, I can choose from a series of inspiration prompts to tailor the results to me, personally.

aaa trip canvas

Sounds good! I’m going to go with Adventure, Nature, Foodie and History, Art & Culture. Now, I can view all of the different experiences, tours, restaurants and hotels to inspire my trip. I can even open a map to see how close all of my different options are.

By adding a heart to one of my options, I’ve added it to my trip. Soon, I have my very own vacation planned and ready to book! And if I have any questions, I can even share my trip with a AAA travel agent through the website so they can see what I’ve planned.

trip canvas

When I’m done planning my trip, I can save it to my AAA account or to my email, and I can share it with my friends to entice them to come with me.

Get Inspired

Trip Canvas is built to help you dream, plan and book trips all around the world, whether they’re a couple states away or across the world. When you’re using Trip Canvas, you can rest assured that your plans all meet AAA’s high standards. Here are some Trip Canvas experiences you can find in some of the world’s most popular vacation locations.


Take a vacation down to America’s playground with Trip Canvas’s help. At the Walt Disney World Dolphin, AAA members can stay on Disney property and still save money. Or you could try the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Orlando. You could visit one (or a few) of the area’s many theme parks, take a sunset airboat ride through the Everglades or even meet a manatee. After your adventure, have dinner with a show.


If you’ve got a song in your heart, you’ll love Music City, USA. Music lovers will never run out of things to do in Nashville, from a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry House to the Country Music Hall of Fame. You can even take a line dancing class to really enjoy the local culture. Hungry? You’d better be. Nashville’s food is just as good as its music, with restaurants that offer farm-to-table Southern cooking and authentic seafood dishes.


So many things to do in Paris, so little time! Trip Canvas is the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss a thing in the City of Light. You can do some wine tasting, take a historic walking tour of the city center and even propose! Stay in luxury near Notre Dame or at a quiet boutique hotel. And don’t forget to eat! A great way to sample all the city has to offer is to take a food tour guided by a local foodie.


The past and present mix in Rome, also known as the Eternal City. With Trip Canvas, you can make plans to tour the city by Vespa, get access to Rome’s underground secrets and learn the ancient art of mosaic. When you’ve worked up an appetite, eat like a local! You can enjoy some of the best food in the world, from delectable street food to restaurants in historic locations.

With Trip Canvas, you can instantly become an expert in planning vacations all around the world – you have all the resources you need right at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Start planning now!


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