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How to Have the Best Montauk Camping Experience

montauk camping

While there are plenty of beautiful woodland campsites nearby, camping out on the beach is definitely something you have to try at least once. If sleeping beneath the stars near a beach side bonfire sounds like an ideal situation to you, consider Montauk camping.

Camping is available at Montauk County Park and Hither Hills State Park.

It’s probably been a while since you last decided to abandon your television, tablet and smartphone screens to rough it in the great outdoors for a day or two. From health improvement and positive relationship building to developing important life skills, there is a list of benefits that camping can provide. So pack up your tent and head outdoors for a Montauk camping adventure.

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Montauk County Park

Montauk County Park provides campers with the full on-the-beach Montauk camping experience. If you’ve always wanted to catch a fish, roast it over a campfire and eat it, you can do just that here. The park allows all campers access to salt and freshwater fishing. Shagwong Point is a particular favorite among surfcasters looking for striped bass and bluefish; if you’re bringing an RV this is the area where you would set up.

You can also visit Big Reed Pond, a 128-acre freshwater pond and National Natural Landmark that also includes brackish marshland and natural sand dunes.

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While you’re living the simple life, take a trip back to simpler times at these historical sites.

Third House – This residence was built in the 18th century for cattle keepers who brought their cattle to Montauk each summer. Open seasonally, it also houses the Third House Nature Center, which hosts nature programs, hikes and activities for all ages. If you’re looking to spend some time with fellow campers while you’re on the grounds, be sure to swing by.

Montaukett Village – This is the home and burial ground of the Montaukett tribe, which includes the grave of member Stephen Talkhouse.

Deep Hollow Ranch – Built and established in 1658, Deep Hollow Ranch is the first and oldest cattle ranch in the United States. Stop by the ranch for an opportunity to enjoy the cinematic experience of riding a horse to and along the beach. If you prefer to ride along in something that has wheels, there are also wagon rides that will take you around the ranch and park.

Camp Wikoff – Take a look at where Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders rested after the battle of San Juan Hill during the 1898 Spanish-American War.

montauk camping

Hither Hills State Park

This popular park offers a rich 189-site campground on the beach, open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Campers can enjoy fireplaces, sport fishing, playing fields and more. Stroll through the eastern boundary of the park, which has woodlands filled with Russian olive, oak, shad and pine trees. You can also hike along the Walking Dunes trail of Napeague Harbor, a highlight of the park.

The park’s amenities include an accessible picnic area, playground, horseshoes, basketball, volleyball and tetherball courts. If you forget an important camping item, you can stop in the camp store and find what you need. There’s also the park office and centrally located phones, should you need assistance at any point during your stay. No need to bring your smartphone!

For fun activities where you can explore the campgrounds, you can enjoy biking, horseback riding, boating, fishing and hiking year-round and cross-country skiing in the wintertime. During the summer, bond with the family on the campgrounds over movies, folk and line dancing, magic shows and more recreation programs. Children can also enjoy several performances during the park’s children’s summer theater program.

Check out the weekly sand castle contest during the summer months. If you enter, you have the chance to win in several categories, including best sculptors and best castles.

Let “The End” be the beginning of a great adventure. Whether you choose the historic Montauk County Park or the popular and gorgeous Hither Hills for your Montauk camping adventure and getaway, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience that you and your fellow camping companions will talk about fondly for years to come.

Is Montauk camping on your list of things to do? Have you been to either of these parks for a camping trip before? Tell us in the comments. 

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