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Road Trip Gadgets For Safe and Smooth Travels

road trip gadgets

There really isn’t anything like fall in the Northeast. Especially right now with so much going on the in the world, it’s the perfect time to hit the road in your favorite hoodie, admire the stunning leaves, and perhaps even visit one of the many incredible family farms for some apple cider donuts!

As a consumer tech expert, my travels have always included practical gadgets for safe and smooth travels, especially in harsher elements. It’s worth noting that according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 21% of vehicular accidents that occur each year are weather related.

So, get out there and enjoy the journey, but do it safely! Here are some road trip gadgets that I recommend to help you do just that during your travels.

rain x - road trip gadgets

Rain-X Glass Treatment

Have you ever been on the road during a serious rainstorm and unable to see clearly through the windshield? You know how dangerous that can feel, especially on the highway. My family has used Rain-X for years, and now as an ambassador, it’s great to be able to spread the word on their array of practical products. One must-have is the Rain-X Glass Water Repellent—a preventative treatment that causes water to bead up and roll right off the windshield. It dramatically improves driving visibility in the wettest conditions. University studies have even shown that it can improve driving response time up to a full second or more, and at highway speeds, that is four car lengths of extra stopping distance!

phone charger - road trip gadgets

MyCharge Hub Series Chargers

With a vast amount of smartphone chargers on the market, the MyCharge Hub Series has remained my go-to for many years. Their design differentiates itself by having the cords built right into the unit. Additionally, the charger has a standard wall plug so you can recharge the unit quickly from just about anywhere. It comes in various sized options and cord choices that can provide up to 54 hours of charge time!

apple myfind - road trip gadgets

Apple FindMy app

FindMy is a built-in app to all iOS devices. I use it regularly and have been surprised by how many of my friends did not even know it existed! With each individual’s permission, you can add friends and family to the app, and then see their exact location. It’s a fast and easy way to locate a friend or family member especially if they are traveling a great distance.

Hard Stop Brake Light - road trip gadgets

The Hard Stop Crash Reducing Brake Light

Is there anything worse than having someone right on your bumper? Get their attention quickly with the incredible Hard Stop Crash Reducing Brake Light. It’s a motion sensing gadget that monitors your braking. If this device senses a hard stop, it illuminates a steady or pulsing LED array on your back windshield. It’s very easy to install and requires no wire or cable installation. Bonus: the built-in battery lasts up to four years.

phone mount - road trip gadgets

Kenu Airframe Pro Vent Mount

Here in Massachusetts there is a hands-free law, which states that you can only use electronic devices in hands-free mode. While driving, you cannot touch a device for texting, navigating or web browsing. The Kenu airframe mount is a simple and inexpensive device that mounts your smartphone to the air vent. Kenu offers a number of sizes and styles, including those for larger phones as well as options for simultaneously charging your device wirelessly.

Katie Linendoll is an Emmy-Award Winning Consumer Tech Expert and an ambassador for Rain-X.

What road trip gadgets do you use to make your travels safer? Let us know in the comments below!


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