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Planning Your Lake Compounce Day Trip

lake compounce fun and games

Lake Compounce is one of those places that within two minutes of being there you wonder why you didn’t go any sooner. Located in Bristol and Southington, Connecticut, it is the oldest operating amusement park in America. Incredibly, it first opened in 1846!

The park offers an amazing selection of rides, a water park, entertaining shows, delicious food and free soda. So where do you begin? We’ll show you the way!

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Lake Compounce rides

There is a ride at Lake Compounce to satisfy everyone in your family. There are thrilling roller coasters, a lazy river, water slides and everything in between. Let’s start off with the absolute star of the show: Boulder Dash. Ready for a major adrenaline rush? Hop onto what has been named the top wooden roller coaster in the world!

The Phobia Phear Coaster is the newest addition to Lake Compounce. Living up to its name, it is a triple launch roller coaster that goes up to 65 mph and 150 feet in the air. It’s the first coaster of its kind in New England and is sure to send chills down your spine.

Word to the wise: Do not eat a big lunch before riding Down Time. This ride goes 60 miles per hour and its biggest drop is 185 feet. You will feel your heart sink all the way down to your stomach.

If you like to be in control, however, take a spin on the Twister. You’ll twirl in the air at your own speed. This is a great ride for siblings to go on together. Get ready for a ton of giggles!

And for those who can’t resist a classic, prepare to throw your hands in the air for a swing on the Pirate Ship. The Wave Swinger is a more relaxing option, but an equally fun ride.

There are also a variety of rides for younger children. If they want to be like their older siblings but do not meet the height requirements, Lake Compounce offers some of their classic rides in mini form. Have the young ones take a ride on the mini pirate ship, the Jolly Jester or the Kiddie Coaster. Don’t forget family favorites like bumper cars and carousels.

lake compounce
Lake Compounce offers many rides for young children. (Photo: Joey Studts / CC BY)

Lake Compounce water rides 

Be sure to pack a bathing suit and water shoes; Lake Compounce is filled with water rides. Soak up the sun on the Croc-O-Nile lazy river, then head to Clipper Cove. Get your camera ready as the kids run around and get soaked by the 300-gallon water bucket, shoot each other with water cannons and go down belly-first on the water slides.

The Lights Out water slide is perfect for your little daredevil. It’s a high speed water slide completely in the dark! The Riptide Racer is another must-ride, where up to four riders can compete for the fastest time. Want to make a splash? Ride the waves in Bayou Bay, or check out the Anchor Bay wave pool for the younger ones.

Other notable attractions

When you’re ready to take a mid-day break, consider going on Lake Compounce’s authentic 1911 Trolley or the C.P. Huntington Train.

Don’t forget to make time for the Dino Expedition! This attraction does not disappoint. Take a walk through a prehistoric path and be transported all the way back to a time when dinosaurs walked the Earth. You might not have actually traveled back in time, but the 40-foot-long dinosaurs certainly make you feel like you have! There is also an area to dig up fossils for added fun.

Or catch a show. All of the performances at Lake Compounce are full of life, offering an interactive experience for the entire family.

What is your favorite attraction at Lake Compounce? Share it with us in the comments below!

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