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A Day at Sesame Place

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Wondering how to get to Sesame Street? Tell your children it is a lot easier than trying to jump into your television. On a sunny day, Sesame Place is the perfect theme park for kids.

Located in Langhorne, P.A., Sesame Place is easily accessible by car for most of the Northeast. If you are a New York resident, the trip is under an hour and a half. And if you are a New Jersey resident, it is only around an hour drive! If you want to indulge in the luxury of not driving, NJ Transit is also a feasible option. It is just as convenient; simply take the train to the Trenton station, which is a mere ten minutes away from Sesame Place.

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In contrast to Universal Studios or Walt Disney World, Sesame Place is a significantly smaller theme park. That may initially seem like a con, but realistically it is a pro because that means that the entire park is doable in one day!

You can see all of the sights, partake in all of the photo-op’s, watch the parades, meet the characters, ride the rides and enjoy a meal or two if you do it the right way.

Here are our tips to optimize your day trip to Sesame Place.

Kid-friendly Sesame Place tips

Bring your own stroller

This cannot be expressed enough. There is a walk from the parking lot to the theme park main entrance. If you have super little ones this can tire them out right off the bat. Another slightly more expensive option is paying for VIP parking which guarantees your spot near the entrance of the theme park.

Once you enter Sesame Place you’ll quickly see that just about everyone brings their own stroller. Not only is this useful for your children but also for storing your personal belongings. On the lines to the rides you will see strollers parked along the side filled with bags, food, toys, etc.

Have your children already in their bathing suits

Yes, at Sesame Place you need a bathing suit! Whether your child is running through the interactive Ernie’s Waterworks or the entire family is taking a relaxing tubular ride down Big Bird’s Rambling River; bathing suits are a must!

Instead of packing them with the hassle of getting changed, have your children come to Sesame Place already in their bathing suits. This is an ideal time saver for a day trip. Simply, pack a change of clothes and keep it in your stroller. Don’t forget water shoes, water-wings and vests!

sesame place
Elmo and Grover can’t wait to see you! (Photo: Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock)

Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to a parade

Watching the parades are a must-do activity at Sesame Place for children of all ages. Arrive early to secure a good spot. They are vibrant, fun and full of cheer! Some characters move and groove down Sesame Street, while others are on floats, waving and throwing confetti. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face. Planning to come around a holiday? Look out for holiday theme parades for a special touch of magic.

Plan your meal before you arrive

There are a lot of options here! Know all of them before you go and pick the best option for your family prior to arriving. Consider character dining. This is the ultimate character experience for your children, where they are able to hug and interact with the characters without waiting on a long line and have the opportunity to get their autograph. The photo opportunities are endless.

Looking for a quick bite? Elmo’s Eatery is the perfect option. Kid’s meals here are reasonably priced and equally adorable. After your child eats a hearty serving of mac ‘n’ cheese, the character-filled plate is also yours as a souvenir.

Food here is pretty standard theme park food. Items range from pizza to chicken fingers and french fries. If you prefer your family to eat healthier or organic, Sesame Place does allow you to bring a 10″ x 10″ x 12″ sized cooler. Fill it with baby food, wraps, fruit and vegetables. It’s up to you!

Know the rides

Since again, this is a much smaller theme park for kids, it makes the most sense to know the rides before you go to plan accordingly. If you have children of different ages, find the rides that best suits their age group. The best rides for toddlers include the Flyin’ Fish and the Sunny Day Carousel. For slightly older children, the Monster Mix-Up allows them to spin their monster as fast as they can to achieve a little bit of dizziness and a lot of laughs.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day at Sesame Place? Tell us in the comments.

Ticket prices vary. Find discount offers at Sesame Place and other local parks. 


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