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Department: Live Well

Health & Fitness

Routine Maintenance

May 27, 2020. Christina Elston

The point of a healthy routine is that you do it every day. There’s value in keeping up with your healthy routines while traveling.

Health & Fitness

Snapping Selfies Safely

May 12, 2020. Christina Elston

Distraction is a major cause for selfie-related accidents. Don’t risk it all for the shot.

Health & Fitness

Keep It Clean: Expert Tips on How to Sanitize

April 08, 2020. Christina Elston

Is it more effective to wash your hands or the surfaces you are touching? Learn how to sanitize and disinfect the right way.

Health & Fitness

Walk This Way

February 17, 2020. Christina Elston

Return from heavy walking trips with only memories, not blisters, as souvenirs.

Health & Fitness

Workation Relaxation

February 17, 2020. Christina Elston

A working vacation may sound like an oxymoron, but both fun and productivity are possible.

Health & Fitness

Thrive on Your Travels

August 29, 2019. Christina Elston

Feel great before, during and after your trip with a bit of health-conscious prep.

Health & Fitness

Stay Grounded

August 20, 2019. Christina Elston

How to keep your cool during the unexpected delays and diversions of air travel.

Health & Fitness

Sleep Tight

August 12, 2019. Christina Elston

A good night’s sleep while traveling starts with the right hotel mattress.

Health & Fitness

Breathe Easier

July 29, 2019. Christina Elston

What you can do to protect yourself when traveling to areas where air pollution is high.

Health & Fitness

Keeping a Clean Hotel Room

July 28, 2019. Christina Elston

Housekeeping does the hard work. Maintaining a germ-free stay is up to you.