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Being Thankful

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At AAA Northeast, we help and serve as a way of life. This is one of our value statements, and I can confidently say that our employees exemplify this proclamation in all that we do.

Every day, we hear stories of how our employees go above and beyond to help our members. Whether it’s a road service technician taking care of a stranded motorist, an insurance agent going through an annual insurance checkup, a travel agent delivering vacation dreams, a loan officer making homeownership a reality – or even one of our employee-led charitable committees giving back to their communities – our team has an innate interest in helping others.

And core to what we do, our road service team works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to aid millions of stranded motorists across our footprint. At the heart of this are service technicians and tow truck operators who, in many situations, put their lives at risk when they respond to a member’s call for help.

What makes our team truly special is that they see you as more than our members; they see you as someone’s mom, dad, grandparent, or someone’s child who needs to get home safely. They see you as an employee or a volunteer who needs to get back on the road quickly. I’m thankful to work alongside such great people who genuinely care about others and demonstrate it every day in their actions.

For all these reasons and more, AAA means trust.

I’m thankful you put your trust in AAA Northeast. It’s an honor for me to help our team carry out our mission of helping and serving as a way of life.

On behalf of the entire AAA Northeast team, we wish you and your families a healthy, safe and happy holiday season.

To see more of what AAA Northeast does to help, visit AAA in the Community.


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