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Keep an Eye on These 3 Car Parts As Your Car Ages

car engine

Even the most reliable cars depreciate over time. Here are three parts to keep an eye on as your car ages.

Water Pump

This part circulates coolant throughout the engine to prevent overheating. It’s a moving part, so it’s prone to wear and tear; in this case, leaky seals, bad bearings
and issues with the belt that drives it. Coolant leaks underneath the engine bay and loud clicking, grinding or howling noises from the front end could indicate
a water pump problem. “A quality technician will look for water pump issues during a routine service like an oil change or tire rotation, but check for leaks when you can in between trips to the shop,” said AAA’s Car Doctor John Paul.

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The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle. It can fail due to years of hard driving, improper towing or fluid leaks that aren’t addressed.
Extend its life by replacing the transmission fluid based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not overfill the system and try not to let it run low, both of which could cause serious problems, Paul said.

Brake Lines

Like the transmission, brake line repairs can be catastrophically expensive. Brake lines rust with age, especially when they come into contact with road salt
and other de-icers. Keep the undercarriage clean to help slow brake line decay, Paul said.

When it comes to car care, a watchful eye and a little bit of upkeep are a winning combination.

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