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Kelvin Beachum’s First Car is Still Going Strong

The Jets left tackle still drives his first car, a 1996 Tahoe, to every home game.

kelvin beachum

(Photo: Kelvin Beachum)

His dad owns a repair shop in Mexia, Texas, the rural town where Beachum grew up. It’s the largest African-American owned business in the town, a point of pride for the family.

Fittingly, the left tackle for the New York Jets likes to get down and dirty in his garage in the off-season.

He still has his first car, a green 1996 Chevy Tahoe, and drives it to MetLife Stadium for every home game.

How did you acquire it? 

My dad is an automotive technician. … I still help him out from time to time, but when I was a kid, I worked a couple of summers to earn that car.

What don’t you like?

 Growing up, I remember having the CD player where you could take the face off and carry it around with you. But now, I don’t have a radio in it. No music at all.

When I went off to college…my brother…dented up the hood. Now, every time I need to get the hood open, my wife has to go into the car, pop the latch, and I have to bang on the hood to get it to pop open.

 Any more memories about learning to drive? 

Since my dad was a mechanic, there were always cars around. We would test-drive cars to make sure they were running right.

Do you remember your first car? Share in the comments below!

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