Ford Mustang

The Legendary Ford Mustang: 1964 and Today

Few vehicles are as iconic as the Ford Mustang. The OG pony car is known for its good looks, long hood and impeccable performance – and it’s been a standard of excellence for more than 50 years. Out of sheer respect for this highly customizable two-door American idol, here’s a look at how the original – dubbed 1964 1/2 by enthusiasts – and the Mustang of today stack up.

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Do you remember when the first Ford Mustang was released? Are you a Ford Mustang owner today? Share your thoughts on the original pony car in the comments section below.

One Thought on “The Legendary Ford Mustang: 1964 and Today

  1. Don’t know about 1964 1/2, but the 1965 hardtop I owned was a V6 265 cu. in. with 3 speed manual floor shift-stock, I think.

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