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Love Your Car? Show It That You Care

Love Your Car? Show It That You Care

Sometimes it’s nice to do things because you care. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, show your car some love with any of these three helpful, but sometimes ignored, preventive maintenance techniques.

Set things straight.

A properly aligned set of wheels makes your car drive straight and prevents tires from wearing out unevenly. While most people have the wheel alignment set when the tires are replaced, it’s a good idea to have this service done once a year, especially if you hit a lot of potholes, said AAA’s Car Doctor John Paul.

Switch it up a little.

Say “yes” when your mechanic suggests a tire rotation, especially if it’s been anywhere close to 7,000 miles. Steering and braking causes tires to wear down at different rates depending on where they are on the car, and rotating the tires helps slow the effects. It also gives your mechanic a chance to look at critical safety parts like the brakes and the suspension, Paul said.

Out with the old stuff.

Not every car requires a brake fluid flush and replacement, but doing so can rid the reservoir of moisture that can cause the braking system to rust. Many automakers recommend replacing brake fluid every two to three years. If it’s a service that hasn’t crossed your mind in a while, it’s a good idea to have it checked out, Paul said. 


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2 Thoughts on “Love Your Car? Show It That You Care

  1. Really like this article. As a mechanic/owner at Excessive Performance in Killeen, Texas, we always have customers coming in with vehicles that need more work simply because they didn’t service their vehicle. You should always get your tires rotated. Its the best way you get longer life for your vehicles and tires.

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks so much for reading – and for the great tip about preventive tire maintenance. 😉


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