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Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott on Their ’83 Chrysler E-Class

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott on Their ’83 Chrysler E-Class

Hosts of the hit TV shows “Property Brothers,” “Brother vs. Brother” and “Property Brothers at Home,” twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have bought, renovated and sold real estate for more than 20 years. They are best-selling authors, musicians and founders of Scott Brothers Global, which includes Scott Brothers Entertainment and their furniture brand, Scott Living. See them in action on the new season of “Property Brothers” on HGTV.

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What was your first car?

Jonathan: We shared our first car. It was an ’83 Chrysler E-Class with an electronic voice that said things like “Your seat belt is unfastened.” We thought it was so futuristic. Then it got annoying when there was a hole in the washer fluid tank and she kept saying “Your washer fluid is low” nonstop.

How did you acquire it?

Drew: Our parents had a rule that we had to be responsible, save up and buy our own vehicle. They would match us dollar for dollar up to $2,000, which means to maximize the investment we had to find a $4,000 vehicle. We bought it from a local mechanic who fixed cars and sold them.

What is your favorite memory of the car?

Jonathan: Whenever Dad was in the car and she said, “Your door is ajar,” Dad would respond, “No, it’s a door, not a jar – and she’s supposed to be smart.” Haha! So funny. I also remember, one time, when Drew was flying into town (our first car was a jet-black car, same style as some limousines), I cleaned it up, polished it, put on the black chauffeur outfit and picked him up at the airport with a sign that read “Mr. Scott.”

What happened to it?

Drew: After about a year or so, we couldn’t stand the voice anymore, so we sold it to buy a beautiful red Thunderbird with power leather seats. It was so nice. We shared that for many years until, finally, we needed our own cars.

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