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Ready Your Motorcycle for the Road


It’s time to pop that cover off your motorcycle and prepare it for the open road. When you do, consider these helpful tips from the technicians at Honda Powersports.


Take your time and be thorough. Inspect the body for rust, look for leaky fuel lines and clean the battery terminals with a wire brush.


Never start the motor without checking the fluid levels. If you drained the radiator, refill the system. If you forgot to add fuel stabilizer, drain the gas and start the season with fresh fuel.


Even if you changed the oil before putting the bike away, change it again. Moisture and corrosive byproducts can form during storage.


Don’t forget to grease the drive chain and make sure it has enough slack. Check that foot pegs and stands pivot properly.


When adding air to the tires, measure the treads and make sure there are no cracks in the sidewall.


Resist the urge to drive off before checking the brakes. Inspect brake pad thickness and apply brake cleaner on both sides of the brake discs.

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