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3 Fun Backyard Games for Pets

Daily playtime is vital to your dog’s physical and mental health. Get creative with your backyard games this spring and try some of these suggestions from Kurgo, a pet travel, toy and outdoor products company. AAA members save up to 20% on Kurgo products


Flyball is actually a competitive team sport for dogs. To teach the sport’s basic skills, place a small hurdle in front of your pup and call him, rewarding him if he jumps the hurdle. Add additional hurdles and throw your dog a ball. Reward him when he jumps the hurdles and returns the toy.

Run the Bases

Set up four bases like a baseball diamond and run them to show your dog how it’s done. To start, reward your pooch each time she touches a base, but save a big reward for when she runs them all and makes it home!


That’s right, your hound can play hoops! Set up a basket then have your dog pick up a toy and drop it in to earn a treat. Start with the hoop close to the ground and slowly raise it to up the challenge.

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