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medicine reminder tips

Follow These Medicine Reminder Tips and Never Miss a Dose Again

Do you take daily medication? Remember your daily dose and stay on top of your health with these helpful tips.

Slow Cooker Creations

Healthy, classic or decadent – no matter how you prefer your slow cooker creations – these three delicious recipes are sure to satisfy. Healthy Recipes like Pinch of Yum’s quinoa

10 Fun School Lunches to Pack Your Kids

Easy recipes that will pack lunch bags full of nutrients and appeal to all appetites.

AAA Trainer: Get Your Kicks at Recess

Besides being fun, recess is a great way for schoolkids to release pent-up energy during the day. It also helps children build social skills, improve their health through physical activity,

Impress With Recipes From AAA Diamond Rated Restaurants

Concoct expertly crafted dishes in your home with the help of AAA Diamond Rated restaurants. These recipes will ensure you three courses of fancy summer fare. 1. A fresh start

What’s in a (Car) Name?

Automobile brand names have some funky histories, and many borrow from other languages. Check out the roots of these company titles and drop some linguistic trivia on your next road

Drumming Out a Workout

I’m a drummer, and when I finish playing a show, I’m exhausted. Playing the drums requires constant motion in both legs and both arms. That, plus setting up and breaking

Pet Allergies: When an Itch Means Something More

Ever think your pet might be allergic to you? While that may be a rare scenario, it’s increasingly clear that cats and dogs, like their human companions, can have allergies.

Walk This Way to a Healthier You

A daily walk is a simple, healthy habit. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walking helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, maintains a healthy weight and strengthens

3 Fun Backyard Games for Pets

Daily playtime is vital to your dog’s physical and mental health. Get creative with your backyard games this spring and try some of these suggestions from Kurgo, a pet travel,