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The Best Cold Weather Running Gear for Winter Runs

We asked Terrence Mahon, high performance coach at the Boston Athletic Association – the organization behind the Boston Marathon – about the essentials for winter running safety. Here are his top picks for winter-weather gear.

Winter running shoes:

These offer less-breathable uppers and extra traction, with moisture-wicking or water-repellent materials. Check out stabilizers with small spikes or rubber pads that fit over your shoe for added grip.


Winter weather calls for thicker socks, synthetic or wool instead of cotton.

Leg layers:

Invest in thicker, fleece-lined tights. For wet days, opt for water-repellent pants.

Upper body:

Keeping your upper body warm is all about layers. Mahon recommends wearing a short-sleeve synthetic shirt, a long-sleeve shirt and jacket. Wear a heavy-duty jacket with sealed seams for rain and snow, and a breathable jacket for dry, cold conditions.


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