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How to Entertain Outside in the Winter

entertain outdoors in winter

After almost an entire year of social distancing, being stuck inside will feel especially boring and tiresome this winter. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t grab a bit of sunshine and fresh air. Use any opportunity to bundle up, grab a thermos of hot cocoa or cider and get outside! You may even consider investing in an outdoor heating option.

From patio heaters and hot tubs to outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, you can enjoy outdoor living this winter with a little ingenuity. See how you can start entertaining outside thanks to the warmth of outdoor heating.

Have Fun in the Snow

Northeasterners know the look and feel of quality packing snow. Take advantage of sculptable precipitation to build a snow fort, a colony of snow people or make things interesting by holding a snowman building competition. Use old clothes, the classic carrot and buttons/coal or food coloring to give your snowperson plenty of personality.

When you start to feel chilly, serve up some hot cocoa and warm up near a patio heater or fire pit. When the snow sculpting fun is over, follow up with a snowball fight to really help yourself feel like a kid again.

Roast Marshmallows

It’s never the wrong time for a s’more. This iconic treat is normally synonymous with summer, but it also pairs well with a mug of hot chocolate. Build a bonfire or use a grill, outdoor fireplace or fire pit to stay warm while you toast marshmallows in the middle of winter. Drop a few roasted marshmallows into your hot cocoa to add some smoky flavor.

If wood-burning is not your style, a propane fire pit or fireplace is a safer, cleaner and smokeless option. Petro Home Services can help with all your propane needs.

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Going Bird/Animal Watching

Although some birds migrate south for the winter, there are still plenty of species that stick around through the chilly season. The lack of foliage in winter makes bird watching easier, so now is the perfect time to start.

Spotting cardinals is especially easy thanks to their bright red coloring, but setting out birdfeeders can help draw more birds to your lawn. To get the kids involved, have them make homemade birdfeeders. Depending on where you live and the time of year, you may be able to see other critters, like squirrels, chipmunks and deer, as well.

Taking Wintertime Photography

From icicles and frozen lakes to blanketed tress and falling snow, the Northeast is absolutely stunning during the winter. Make the most of this picturesque season by heading outside to take some photos.

After a fresh snowfall, see what natural beauty you can find in your own backyard. Whether you choose to use a smart device or a more traditional camera to take pictures, your fingers are sure to get cold after a while. Thaw your digits for a bit by stuffing your pockets with hand warmers or heading over to your outdoor fireplace or fire pit and get back to snapping pics in no time.

Enjoy a Winter Pool Party

Summer is probably the season that comes to mind when you think of swimming, but with propane-heated pools and hot tubs, you can extend the available months to swim and soak. Propane heaters are smaller compared to their electric counterparts, and they heat up water much more quickly.

There’s nothing like relaxing in a warm, bubbly hot tub while you watch some wintery snow fall. Feel like the king or queen of your snow-covered castle with an outdoor, heated bathing option and make spending time outside during the winter a truly comforting experience.

entertain outdoors in winter

Going Stargazing

The bare trees and clear night skies associated with the winter make the perfect conditions for stargazing, and there will be a variety of stellar activity to look out for this winter season.

When stargazing this year, stay warm with a patio heater or head out to the lawn, lay down a blanket and keep cozy with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

DIY Winter Festival

With outdoors being the safer alternative to indoor gatherings, propane patio heaters are a growing trend. So string up some lights, crank up the outdoor heaters and throw a DIY winter festival in your own backyard. Make a holiday playlist and prepare festive snacks and drinks.

For festival activities, you can play games, build gingerbread houses and make crafts. Invite a few local friends or family members to make your festival feel more authentic.

Whether you prefer spirited wintertime fun or more peaceful seasonal activities, you can stay cozy while spending time outside this winter season. From bundling up and sipping warm beverages to investing in outdoor heating, there’s no need to be stuck inside this winter season.

Petro Home Services offers a variety of outdoor heating services for propane patio heaters, hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and more. Best of all, they will schedule you for regular propane deliveries so that you never run out.

Will you be entertaining outside this winter season? Tell us in the comments below.  


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  2. We have a covered and screened-in porch which we use in the summer time. But add a portable wooden burning stove and hot chocolate with snow falling outside, it become a great place to entertain a few guests this pandemic winter.

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