Where to Eat and Drink in Bimini, Bahamas

Where to Eat and Drink in Bimini

As one of the world’s top fishing destinations, Bimini, Bahamas, is celebrated for its fresh seafood dishes, including citrusy conch salad and baked crab in the shell.

When your appetite takes over, these are the dishes to try and the places to order them.

Conch Salad at a Beachside Table

A visit to Bimini wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the island’s most popular dish, conch salad. This local favorite can be found at small shacks throughout the island including Stuart’s Conch Stand and Joe’s Conch Shack. You will also find a delicious version at Resorts World Beach Club, with endless views of the Caribbean beyond your table; pair it with a tropical hand-crafted cocktail while you take in Paradise Beach at sunset. Made with a good dose of citrus and spicy pepper sauces, conch meat plays well with green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and celery.

Bahamian Fish Stew at a Welcoming Local Restaurant

With the abundance of fresh fish at their fingertips, Bahamian chefs have long been making creative dishes like fish stew. They begin with a sauce of tomato, onion and celery seasoned with spices. Ingredients vary a bit by restaurant, but all feature a base of delicious seafood such as pan-fried snapper or grouper under all that delicious sauce.

Bimini Bread French Toast at a Resort Buffet

Sweeter and more buttery than a traditional loaf of bread, Bimini’s famous variety lines the shelves at local bakeries. Its soft texture makes it ideal for French toast, which is exactly how The Tides prepares it each morning. Enjoy a little slice of heaven at the breakfast buffet with powdered sugar and your favorite toppings for a twist on this sweet treat. Once your taste buds are piqued, explore the island’s bake shops to find varieties including coconut and cinnamon raisin, giving yourself a good excuse to keep enjoying the treat throughout your trip.

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Baked Crab at a Seafront Cafe

Around the island you will find plenty of cafes with laid-back atmospheres and friendly crowds. When you’re in the mood for a crunchy bite, head to one of these relaxing spots and order like a local. Crab baked in its original shell is a traditional dish that Bahamians treasure for good reason. Chefs across Bimini cook the crab and then break it apart, reserving the original shell for serving. Once the meat is stuffed into the shell with a zesty breadcrumb topping, the dish is baked until the right amount of crunch develops.  The result is a satisfying texture with just the right amount of seasoning.

Sushi at a “Top Chef ” Winner’s Venue

When it comes to sushi, only the freshest catch will do. That’s exactly what you will find at The Sushi Bar, a 24-seat venue offering the ultimate sea-to-table experience. At the open kitchen, led by “Top Chef” winner Hung Huynh, watch as sashimi, nigiri and a host of other Asian-inspired dishes are prepared in front of you. Try the signature Sun of a Beach roll featuring salmon, shrimp, miso honey and a sliver of spicy jalapeño. Handmade dumplings and savory noodles also top the list of must-try menu items at this intimate spot.

Bootleg Paradise Cocktail at Hemingway’s

Hemingway may have journeyed around the world, but the intimate island of Bimini was his beloved escape and favorite place to pursue big game fish. The island honors him by celebrating his legacy and cherishing works including “The Old Man and the Sea” and “Islands in the Stream.” Named after the famed writer, the in-casino sports bar at Resorts World Bimini offers casual fare with a twist, like spicy wings marinated in tamarind sauce and jalapeño tempura. The bar’s signature Bootleg Paradise cocktail includes white rum, gin, coconut, and mango vodka, for the ultimate in tropical flavors. Linger a while before testing your luck at a casino game.

Bahamian Cocktails at a Lagoon Pool Bar

Why leave the pool to order a cocktail when you can swim right up to the bar? At Oasis, you can enjoy the comfort of the water while sipping on an island cocktail like a rum-based Bahama Mama with just the right amount of fruit flavor. Of course, an island adventure wouldn’t be complete without a classic piña colada or goombay splash, each of which features a good dose of pineapple juice. Peruse the specialty cocktails on the menu to decide which tropical flavors you’re in the mood for. When you’re ready for another, just swim right up again.

Johnny Cakes at a Hotel Snack Bar

Think of johnnycakes as fluffy, pan-fried cornbread. Simple is best, and chefs around the island know how to turn butter, flour, milk and sugar into what may just become your next new craving. Of course, frying is the final step that takes the batter to golden perfection, with a crispy outside and perfectly fluffy middle. When your mid-day hunger takes over, order them at the Lobby Bar at the center of Resorts World Bimini’s hotel, which offers quick bites throughout the day and decadent desserts at night.

The vibrant culture of Bimini is as alluring as its natural beauty, making it the ideal destination for a culinary adventure. While visitors may head to the island for its famed beaches, they soon become immersed in the beat of calypso-style goombay music while they fall for the incredible flavors of its traditional cuisine.

With ten restaurants, bars, and cafes, Resorts World Bimini offers classic Bahamian specialties and innovative dishes served just steps from the Caribbean.


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