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Optional Car Rental Services

car rental services

Car rental companies like Hertz can provide you with the perfect ride for your next trip, but that’s not where the options end. They also offer ways to make your journey even easier. Whether it’s car seats for kids, keeping you connected while on the road or helping you to find your way, here’s a look at some of the optional services available that you may not have known about.

Traveling With Kids

When you travel with kids there are lots of extra things to pack, but when you rent with Hertz you can cross car seats off your list. Some Hertz locations have infant, child and booster seats available for rent. And AAA members can use one car seat free – all you have to do is reserve in advance. Not only is this easier than carting your car seats from home, it can save money on airline baggage fees and eliminate the chance of loss or damage in transit. Learn more.

Traveling With Disabilities

Hertz aims to make traveling with disabilities easier by offering hand controls and spinner knobs at no extra cost. Simply notify Hertz at least 24 hours before your rental and your car will be properly equipped when you arrive.

Additionally, all Hertz locations have handicap accessible parking and return areas. Easy access busses are provided with electric ramps, room for two wheelchairs and waist-high luggage racks to make traveling easier for everyone.

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AAA members save up to 20%, plus an additional $5/day up to $35 off the base rate of your next weekend or weekly rental.

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Staying Connected

Hertz Wi-Fi makes sure you and your passengers stay connected when you’re on the go. This Wi-Fi hotspot device includes unlimited data with the ability to manage five connected devices. It’s small enough to pop in your backpack, purse or even your pocket, so you can stay connected when you arrive at your destination. There’s also a voice-activated GPS navigation option with turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates so you can avoid unexpected delays. Global calling and texting are available with a daily preset credit and no roaming fees.

To make life even easier, there are a range of apps available with Hertz Wi-Fi as well. These include a language translator for typed and verbal communications, currency converter, social media, news, games and discount offers at stores, attractions and restaurants.

Pay for Tolls With PlatePass

Although you may have a transponder that lets you easily pay for tolls when you’re at home, it may not work elsewhere. Even when traveling to an area where it does work, you still have to remember to pack it for your trip and take it with you when you head back home. PlatePass automated toll payments makes this process easier.

Navigating With NeverLost

One of the biggest challenges you face when driving away from home is making sure you don’t get lost. Hertz NeverLost keeps you on track with two available navigation systems. Select markets offer NeverLost Magellan GPS, which also includes travel guides, hands-free calling, directions to the return facility and a walking mode. Most Hertz locations offer the enhanced NeverLost Navigator+ system which adds a language translator, real-time ETA, optional domestic and international calling plans, discounts at stores and restaurants and optional Wi-Fi.

car rental services

Protection Plans

It’s important to stay protected when you travel so Hertz offers a wide range of optional protection plans to set your mind at ease. There’s liability insurance to protect against claims from people injured in an accident; loss damage waiver, limited loss damage waiver and partial damage waiver coverage set caps on your financial responsibility for any damage or loss to a Hertz vehicle.

Personal accident insurance and personal effects coverage are also offered as a package to further protect you in the event of an accident. This helps cover medical expenses for you and your passengers as well as any damage to personal belongings while renting from Hertz. In the event of an accident, the protection plans offered by Hertz limit your financial responsibility and help make sure you and your passengers are properly covered.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Benefits

AAA members that enroll in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership earn exclusive bonus points which can add up to free rentals; the more you rent the more points you earn! This service lets you change your rental car on the spot when you arrive at your destination if you decide you need a different vehicle. There’s also convenient eReturn that allows you to fill out the slip on your rental agreement and leave it in the car with your keys on return rather than needing to speak with an agent.

Membership includes Mobile Gold Alerts, which can be sent to your email or mobile phone. This notifies you when your rental car is ready on the day of pickup with the exact car and stall number, so you don’t have to stop at the desk when you arrive.

Buying a Rental Car From Hertz

You know you can rent a car from Hertz, but did you know you can buy a used rental car from Hertz, too? Every vehicle offered for sale through Hertz Car Sales is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to be sure it’s ready for sale. These low-mileage vehicles are often available at a lower price than you’ll find elsewhere, and they come with no-haggle pricing. What you see is what you pay for, so the stress of working out a deal is gone. Even better, AAA members get a discount!

There are a range of financing options, too, and you can fill out all the forms online, so you know how much you can afford before you even begin shopping. It’s all about making the experience quick and painless. Once you find a car, you can rest easy knowing it comes with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty in case something unexpected happens once you’re home.

Learn more about exclusive Hertz benefits and discounts for AAA members.


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One Thought on “Optional Car Rental Services

  1. 1)after I was in Europe for a coupls days I decided to check and see if my car insurance covered a rental car – not in Europe.
    2) I had to get insurance from a desk clerk with whom language was a problem. I was told I needed “Super” at $80+ per day.
    3) There was a scratch on the car when I returned it. I never saw the scratch, but it cost over $560 to fix it and the deductable was, I found, was more then that.
    So, shame on me for not asking the right questions and not understanding rental car insurance in Europe. The insurance ended up costing way more than the car itself.

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