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prequalify for an auto loan

How to Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan

Pre-qualifying for an auto loan is the first step to securing a loan and driving away in a new car.

car rental deal

How to Get the Best Deal on a Rental Car

Car rental costs can add up quickly. Use these strategies to find deals and lower your bill.

mt washington

Road Trip to the Highest Points in the Northeast

Enjoy the climb – and the view – from atop these towering peaks. 

bob's clam shack

Road Trip Food Stops

Honk if you’re hungry! Pull over for a bite to eat at one of these tasty destinations.

classic cars

Caring for and Insuring Classic Cars

Advice for keeping the vintage car of your dreams in mint condition.

road trips for convertibles

The Best Road Trips for Convertibles

Take the top down and enjoy the wind in your hair! These road trips for convertibles are sure to keep you smiling all summer long.

coastal destinations

8 Dreamy Coastal Destinations in the Northeast

Take a road trip to one of these beachy locales for the perfect summer getaway.

dealing with a tailgater

The Rules of Dealing With a Tailgater

Keep your cool with a tailgater and we’ll all be safer on the road.

car hood ornaments

The Rise and Fall of Car Hood Ornaments

What ever happened to car hood ornaments? Learn how the shiny auto adornments went from popular to obsolete.

The Best Northeast Road Trips for Families

From mountains and forests to beaches and idyllic towns, these road trips for families in the Northeast have something for everyone.

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