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#trending: The Return of Supersonic Travel

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Supersonic Overture

Imagine a 3 1/2 hour flight from New York to London. Or from Boston to Madrid.

Strap in: These times may soon become reality if Boom Supersonic gets clearance to fly its planes. It’s hoping to be the first company to resume supersonic flights since the Concorde ceased operations in 2003.

The Denver-based company is constructing a factory in North Carolina this year to build and test its Overture planes, which will travel at 1,300 mph and hold up to 88
passengers. The company plans to have the first models ready by 2025, with test flights taking place in 2026.

United Airlines has agreed to purchase 15 of the planes, with hopes of seeing flights take off in 2029.

Picture Yourself

Celebrity Cruises is hoping to redefine the phrase all-inclusive.

The company has launched The All-Inclusive Photo Project, a library of images aiming to improve the diversity and representation found in traditional travel marketing.

As the title suggests, these are no ordinary snapshots. Celebrity has enlisted some of the world’s foremost photographers, such as Annie Liebovitz, to capture images of underrepresented groups, including amputees, refugees and models who identify as nonbinary.

What’s more, Celebrity is giving it all away: The high-resolution images are royalty free, downloadable for all.

All-inclusive indeed.

Trending Summer 22

A Brutalist Fixture, Reborn

After sitting vacant for years alongside Interstate 95 in New Haven, Conn., the former Pirelli building has morphed into the nation’s first anticipated net-zero energy hotel.

Hotel Marcel New Haven, Tapestry Collection, which parent company Hilton says is powered by solar energy, opened its doors in May. The concrete structure is named for architect Marcel Breuer, who originally designed the building in 1967.

The hotel has 165 guest rooms, many of which have views of Long Island Sound, along with 7,000 square feet of meeting space and 12 electric car charging stations.

Halcyon Days

Have you ever wanted to swing a lightsaber, battle the First Order or learn how to fly a starfighter?

At Walt Disney World’s newest hotel, the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, you can immerse yourself in the world of “Star Wars” aboard a space cruise ship called the Halcyon.

This two-night excursion lies somewhere between an escape room and an immersive theatrical production. Over 45 hours, you and your fellow passengers will become part of your own “Star Wars” stories. Almost every cast member has a storyline prepared for you to explore, and you might run into some of your favorite characters along the way. Plus, you can enjoy exotic foods, like Bantha beef tenderloin, Jogan fruit, and bao buns, while playing games of holographic sabacc in the Sublight Lounge.

But you may want to start saving now: At press time, standard cabin rates for a full, two-night voyage start at $4,809 for two guests, $5,299 for three guests and $5,999 for four guests.


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