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November 2018 • Table of Contents

Have you ever wanted to travel to Australia? There’s more to this destination than kangaroos and shrimp on the barbie. Take in the wonder and charm of the land down under through the eyes of a young family. Also, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, learn some tricks to keep guests safe and happy, and get new recipes for inventive takes on old classics for your holiday table.


The Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge – and dare I say an expectation to hear cliched cries for shrimp on the barbie – is what I expected to find in Sydney, Australia, after a seemingly impossible 25-hour flight from New England.


By Rebecca Galib and Cassandra Raposo The Caribbean islands have much to offer, from cultural traditions to pristine beaches kissed by the clear, blue ocean. Whether you’re bumming it at…

Save money during college

Let’s be honest. College is just plain expensive. A bachelor’s degree can cost anywhere from $37,000 to over $130,000, according to the College Board. In 2017, members of Generation X…

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