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Ellen R. Delisio

Ellen is a content producer for AAA Northeast, covering automotive, finance, public affairs and electric vehicle news. She is a former newspaper reporter with experience writing for print and online publications about everything from higher education to sustainability. She recently returned to her native Long Island after living in Connecticut for 20-plus years, and has never met a beach she didn’t like..

Articles by Ellen R. Delisio

luxury gold

Forge Unforgettable Connections With Luxury Gold

Get to know the world’s most interesting destinations in the company of royalty, noblemen and more.

driving in the left lane

Is It Illegal to Drive in the Left Lane?

Almost every state has limits or restrictions on left-lane driving.

fort lauderdale

Florida Has Something for Everyone

Whether it’s beaches, theme parks, museums or nightlife, the Sunshine State does not disappoint.

when to replace tire - nail in tire

When to Replace Tires: Don’t Ignore These Signs

Knowing how often to change your tires is critical to staying safe on the road.

tow truck - slow down move over laws

Slow Down, Move Over Laws Expanded

Thanks in part to AAA advocacy, slow down, move over laws have been expanded in three states.

family vacations - turks and caicos

International Family Vacation Destinations

Europe, South America and the Caribbean are among top family vacation choices.

how to spend your tax refund

How to Spend Your Tax Refund

Tips for getting the most out of your extra cash, whether it’s treating yourself to a beach vacation or building up your savings.


See the World With Viking

Indulge in destination-focused, culturally enriching, small-ship elegance.

self driving vehicles

Drivers Still Fearful of Self-Driving Vehicles

AAA research shows that while drivers remain skeptical about self-driving cars, they may be overly confident in the capability of automated vehicle safety features.

bad driving habits

Bad Driving Habits and How to Fix Them

Bad driving habits may be universal, but they are not irreversible. Just a few adjustments can change your behavior.

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