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Kind Traveler

AAA’s sustainable travel series is written in partnership with Kind Traveler, a women-and-veteran-owned sustainable travel platform empowering travelers to make a positive impact in local communities.

Articles by Kind Traveler

chairs on beach. sustainable beach vacation.

How to Plan a Sustainable Beach Vacation

Help to keep the beaches you visit beautiful for both present and future generations by traveling with intention and awareness of your impact.


Farm-to-Spa Getaways in the Northeast

These five spas use fresh, local ingredients in their treatments.

hawaii beach vacation

Have an Eco-Inspired Hawaii Beach Vacation

World Ocean Day is June 8. In the spirit of protecting our oceans, learn how to be part of the solution and not the problem on your next visit to Hawaii.

sustainable Caribbean - woman in hammock

Your Sustainable Caribbean Travel Itinerary

From selecting eco-friendly lodging to opting for less carbon-intensive activities and transportation, here’s how to minimize your impact on the environment when visiting the Caribbean.


Celebrate Earth Day 2023: Family Vacations That Give Back to the Planet

Be part of the green revolution by investing in the planet on your next family vacation.

zero waste travel

How to Have a Zero-Waste Road Trip

Take your sustainable living practices on the road.

sustainable travel tips

23 Sustainable Travel Tips for 2023

From adopting a slow travel approach to purchasing carbon offsets and supporting sustainable travel companies, here are ways to reduce the environmental impacts of travel.


Your Sustainable Travel Itinerary: Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most sustainable countries in Europe with incredible natural adventures to be had.

sustainable cities in europe copenhagen

5 Sustainable Cities in Europe

From stylish Scandinavian hubs to the cobbled streets of Slovenia, book one of these green destinations and discover pioneering culture, food, transportation and more.


5 Responsible Tour Operator Practices

How to find a tour that prioritizes sustainable travel initiatives.