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AAA’s sustainable travel series is written in partnership with Kind Traveler, a women-and-veteran-owned sustainable travel platform empowering travelers to make a positive impact in local communities.

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Farm-to-Spa Getaways in the Northeast

These five spas use fresh, local ingredients in their treatments.

holiday travel

How to Travel Sustainably for the Holidays

As you’re planning holiday getaways, make sustainability a meaningful part of your traditions.


How to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

Start traditions that nurture and help protect the planet this Thanksgiving.

zero waste travel

How to Have a Zero-Waste Road Trip

Take your sustainable living practices on the road.

sustainable travel trends

5 Sustainable Travel Trends That Will Shape 2023

From tourism with a bigger purpose to climate-conscious transportation, travelers are seeking more sustainable options.

packing sustainably

Top 5 Tips for Packing Sustainably 

How you can prioritize the environment while filling your suitcase.