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Sarah Hopkins is a writer for Your AAA. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from the State University of New York at Geneseo and is a two-time alumnus of the Disney College Program. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys writing, drawing and listening to podcasts.

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Articles by Sarah Hopkins

Super Nintendo World opens

Super Nintendo World Opens in Universal Studios Hollywood

Let’s-a go! Universal Studios Hollywood’s new theme park land takes you on a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom.

worst passwords

The Worst Passwords for Online Safety

Your password probably isn’t as strong as you think. If you care about online safety, make sure to avoid these types of passwords.

museum of african american history

Northeast Historic Sites That Celebrate Black Culture

If you’re thinking of taking a future trip around the Northeast, don’t forget these historic sites that celebrate Black culture.

future of the smart home

The Future of the Smart Home

Looking to modernize your house? Here’s how to make your home work better for your family with the use of smart home products.

hame day home insurance tips

Hosting a Party for the Big Game? Read This First!

House parties are full of hidden liabilities that many hosts may not be aware of. Here’s how to make your home safe for all.  

valentine's day gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Take advantage of these discounts to find romantic gifts, sweet services and date night ideas for Valentine’s Day.

v day

Sweet Little Somethings for Valentine’s Day

Big things come in small packages. Show your love and affection with these sweet little Valentine’s Day gifts.

financial advisor

How Do Tax Brackets Work?

Tax brackets can be confusing. Find out which tax brackets you fall into and how to calculate what you’ll owe.


File Taxes ASAP, Get Your Refund Sooner

It’s not April yet, but it’s still tax season! Here’s why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to file your taxes.


Top Places To Go Snowboarding in the Northeast

Are you looking to shred the slopes this winter? Good news: You don’t have to go too far! The Northeast is full of great places to go snowboarding, from snuggly ski lodges to intense mountain trails. Here are eight of our favorite spots.