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The Northeast is beautiful, and road trips are great, but sometimes you want to spread your wings a little bit. In addition to tips on road trips and local events, Your AAA also provides ample information on air travel and more far-flung locales.

Here, you can find fun things to do in Canada, where to stay in Santa Fe, where to save and splurge in Florida, and so much more. Learn about which all-inclusive vacations are right for you and which destinations you might be heading to in the future.

Master the Art of Air Travel

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But you can also find out information about air travel in general, like what to put on your travel checklist for both carry-on and checked luggage. A travel checklist can be the perfect companion on a road trip, cruise, family vacation or any other trek you’re taking, but it’s most useful for air travel. Air travel doesn’t need to be intimidating and confusing—Your AAA can help make you a savvier traveler. You can also learn how to pack a suitcase for every type of vacation; from a weekend getaway to a weeks-long journey. Refresh your memory on the best practices to take while going through security lines (and remember to wear your slip-on shoes!).

Whether you’re traveling for work or traveling for pleasure, the tips and tricks in our air travel articles can help you have a seamless, breezy trip. Read about the new and innovative ways that millennials travel to get some interesting ideas for your next vacation.

If you’re traveling outside the country, it is always helpful to take a look at our frequently asked questions about passports. Adventure can be hard sometimes. When paperwork gets involved, it can even seem daunting. But reading up on air travel before you even get to the airport can help you take control of your vacation.

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