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‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Saves Lives Down the Road

If your car has ever broken down unexpectedly, you know how dangerous and unsettling it is to be stranded on the side of the road. Each day, roadside technicians, police officers, firefighters and rescue workers, put themselves in life-threatening situations to help people in similar circumstances.

AAA roadside technicians Ken Young and Jay Lynk might know better than anyone. Both were involved in serious crashes that they say were preventable, if the drivers had followed the law. In the video that follows, Young gives a touching reminder that slowing down and moving over when you encounter emergency workers on the side of the road can save lives.

“If you see someone with their lights on or even their hazards on, give them six inches, give them a foot. Have some compassion,” Young said. “What would you do if you hit somebody that was in your family?”



For over a decade, AAA has made significant efforts to keep people safe on the road through the “Slow Down, Move Over” campaign. All 50 states have laws that require motorists to practice caution, such as reducing their speed and switching lanes, to give emergency responders and roadside technicians space to do their job. But many drivers are unaware of the law and fail to follow the rules. Those who don’t move over to the adjacent lane put roadside responders at risk of serious injury or even worse.

AAA Northeast is preparing for a broad “Slow Down, Move Over” campaign that includes public service announcements on radio, TV and online. The announcements feature AAA employees, law enforcement officials and local celebrities. By the end of 2020, AAA Northeast expects to outfit 25 trucks with fully wrapped “Slow Down, Move Over” messages aimed at motorists. They will be on the roads throughout the AAA Northeast territory.

“Ensuring the safety of our team and our members is at the core of who we are and what we do. It’s why our members trust us,” said John Galvin, President and CEO of AAA Northeast. “Our fleet technicians must first ensure they are safe, and the scene is safe, before providing service to the member.”

For more information on the Slow Down, Move Over initiative, visit


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