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DeLorean and Other Replicas Getting Back on the Road

A new federal ruling allows for the production and sale of a limited number of replica cars.


If you’re driving down the street in the near future and spot a DeLorean cruising along next to you, no need to adjust your calendar – the famous car is on its way back thanks to a new federal legislation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently established a new ruling that allows for the production and sale of a limited number of replica cars. This rule creates a less-burdensome regulatory process for the small businesses that manufacturer such vehicles. While the process has eased, the cars will still be subject to equipment standards, recalls and remedies, and have to register with the NHTSA, Environmental Protection Agency and if they wish to sell in California, the California Air Resources Board. Furthermore, the manufacturers will have to equip the vehicles with engines that meet current EPA standards.

NHTSA’s ruling allows for the sale of just 325 cars per year by each manufacturer and there’s no immediate timeline for when these cars could reach the market. However, this law was considered one of the final hurdles to getting these cars back in circulation. Now manufacturers like the new DeLorean Motor Company  and Superformance, maker of replica luxury race cars of the 1960’s, can get to work on production.

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