The Cost of Gas in Your State This Week

Gasoline prices have been on a rollercoaster so far in 2022. Here's where they stand this week.
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The national average for a gallon of regular gas started the week at $4.98, down a couple of cents over the last seven days.

A slight drop in gas demand has helped to limit pump price increases. However, as crude oil prices remain volatile, the price per gallon for gasoline will likely remain elevated.

Three states in the Northeast are paying below $5.00 per gallon of regular gas, Connecticut ($4.94), New Hampshire ($4.95) and Rhode Island ($4.97). Here’s where your state stands this week:

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Connecticut’s current average of $4.94 is a four-cent decline from a week ago. Fairfield County continues to have the highest average prices in the state, at $5.03, while Middlesex and Hartford counties are tied for the lowest at $4.90.


The average in Massachusetts starts the week at an even $5, a penny less a week ago. Prices in Dukes and Nantucket counties lead the state at over $6, while Franklin and Hampden counties have the lowest average prices at $4.91 per gallon.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s average price for a gallon of regular gas is now $4.99, six cents less than a week ago. You’ll find the lowest prices in Burlington County at $4.91 and the highest in Somerset County, at $5.14.

New York

New York’s average price for a gallon is now $5, a three-cent drop over the last week. Those living in Niagara County are seeing the best average prices at $4.82 (five cents less than a week ago), while Manhattan unsurprisingly has the highest, at $5.41, an eight-cent drop over the last week.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is averaging $4.97 for a gallon of regular gas this week, three cents less than a week ago. The highest prices are in Washington County at $5 and the lowest prices are found in Bristol County at $4.93.

Check out this interactive map of gas prices from AAA. And you can find some great gas-saving tips here.


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7 Thoughts on “The Cost of Gas in Your State This Week

  1. I was under the impression the New York’s Governor was going to give a gasoline tax break – am I correct and if so, what happened to it? Based on comparing costs across the NE it doesn’t appear that any break was given.

    1. The price went down for a day or two. Then it rose back up because of the wholesale rise in the price of gasoline. The rise wiped out any reduction. The whole thing is a sham.

    1. Just what I came in to say! A rollercoaster at least has some significant drops. This has been a steady climb. A few cents’ drop one week does not a “rollercoaster” make.

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