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AAA Photo Session: Show Us Your Wheels

Take part in our monthly photo assignment! Follow our pro tips, start snapping and submit your best shot.

Raise your hand – or honk your horn – if you are the proud owner of a classic or collector car.

Classic cars are a huge source of pride for their owners. Showing them off in car clubs and shows, shining them up and, of course, taking them out on the road are all part of the fun. And you don’t have to own a classic car to love them. Auto enthusiasts can spend hours admiring the details and craftmanship of these vehicles.

So we’re issuing a call to action: Capture your favorite car in its best light with a photo. As fellow car fans, we’d love to see them.

Submit your photo with the form below to share with AAA Northeast. Next month, we’ll update this post with all the pictures we receive and feature some of our favorites on our social media channels. Your photo may also appear in an upcoming issue of Your AAA magazine.

Consider this a virtual car show. Read on for ways to creatively photograph your car and then show us your wheels!


3 Simple Tips for Better Car Photos

Classic and collector cars are a thing of beauty and your pictures should accurately reflect that. These simple car photography tips will help you make your car and photos shine.

classic car photo

Try Different Heights and Angles

Eye-level shots are actually the least flattering to cars. Try getting down low and shooting up at the car. You can achieve ground-level shots by placing your camera directly on the ground and using the LCD screen to compose your shot. If you don’t have an LCD screen, try lying flat on your stomach and taking shots that way. Once you have captured ground-level shots, move on to crouching or kneeling shots. From there, try to add some height by using a step ladder. If you want a completely original viewpoint, use a drone to capture the birds-eye view of your car.

While you are changing up your height, you should also vary your angle. I recommend doing a complete 360-degree walk around the car and stopping every foot or so, snapping a few shots of every height and angle.

classic car photo

Bring Out the Details

What makes classic and collector cars shine are all the thoughtful details. They are a work of art. Zoom in on the details of the car. On the outside you can capture the grill, wheels, hood ornaments, curves in the fender and hood, headlights, etc. Make sure to hop inside and capture the interior details as well. The steering wheel, upholstery and dials are the can’t-miss shots. You can get creative by placing something visually interesting in the side or rear-view mirrors.

classic car photo

Show Them in Their Element

The best car photos are those that show the car in its natural environment. Trying staging a shot on an open road. You can do this by finding a less-traveled road and having a spotter look for oncoming cars. Park the car and have someone hop in to pose as the driver.

Submit Your Photo

One submission per person. Deadline 4/23/2021.

Photo Release Form

Thank you for participating in this Your AAA Photo Session!

But first, please sign our photo release form. We can’t share your photo without your permission.

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Get more photography tips.

Beth Mancuso is a professinal landscape and travel photographer. All photos are hers. Follow Beth @intothewild.wego.

  • Carl C.

    Wish I could have left a better photo but limited in file size. 🙁

    • Marisa P.

      Hi Marcelo, we received your submission. Cool car! Thank you for participating. Keep an eye out at the end of the month to check out all the cars in our virtual car show. -Marisa

    • Marisa P.

      Hi Grace – Yes, we did! Great shot. Thank you for participating! Stay tuned for the end of the month when we will post all of the cool car photos we’ve received. -Marisa

    • Marisa P.

      Hi Charles – We received your comments, but it doesn’t look like your photo was submitted. Scroll down towards the end of post and please use the form provided. Make sure to click “submit” when you are done. Also, make sure to sign the photo release via the link directly above the form. Thanks for participating. Looking forward to seeing your pic! -Marisa

  • Hi can a photo be published with signed permission, but the name not published with the picture?

    • Marisa P.

      Absolutely! In order for us to match up the photo with the release we need your full name on both, but you can leave a note in the caption field to request that your name remains anonymous or tell us a nickname or initials you would like us to publish instead. Thank you 🙂 Marisa

  • Hi is this the –(Agreement to do business with AAA Northeast Insurance Agency, Inc.-Sub Account)–the permission that is to be signed, and is it just for this photo

    • Marisa P.

      Hi Brain – This is the release form. And yes, it is just for the photo submitted for this Photo Session. Thank you! -Marisa

  • Hi Marisa I uploaded a photo and release also requested to be request that name remains anonymous let me know if you get it
    Thaks BW

    • Marisa P.

      Yes, we received your photo, release and request. Thank you! -Marisa


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