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Unique Car Clubs Throughout the Country

car clubs

While some people see cars simply as a way to get around town, others see them as something more. These are the people that buy cars because of the design, the history or a personal connection from their childhood. It might not be the newest or flashiest car on the block, but it’s a prized possession just the same.

Many cars have legions of fans who want to share their passion with other like-minded individuals. Whether it’s someone who owns the same model or simply appreciates its uniqueness, car clubs are a great way to get a look at lovingly cared for vehicles with owners who are proud to show off their rides. Here are some unique car clubs across the country whose events are worth checking out.

DeLorean DMC-12

Although the DeLorean DMC-12 saw only a few years of production that ended in 1983, its gull wing doors and brushed stainless steel body still attract plenty of attention. As the time travelling car from the “Back to the Future” movie franchise, it’s impossible to see one and not immediately think of Marty McFly desperately trying to hit 88 mph and save the world.

The Southern California DeLorean Club holds events all year long including appearances at Crossroads Benedict Castle Concours, regional parades and auto shows, and regular meet-ups with the DeLorean Band.

car clubs
The International Amphicar Owners Club gather for a swim-in in Celina, Ohio.


The Amphicar was produced in the early 1960s. You can drive the car straight into the water, where it then becomes a boat. The motor powers the rear wheels when it’s on land or twin propellers when it’s in the water.

The International Amphicar Owners’ Club has members in several countries and host swim-ins around the U.S. every year. Its biggest event is in Celina, Ohio, where owners are happy to show off their cars. They might even take you for a ride if you aren’t lucky enough to have an Amphicar of your own.

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Tucker Torpedo

The Tucker 48, also called the Tucker Torpedo, was all the rage in 1948 with unique technologies for the time. It had a third headlight that swiveled like today’s adaptive headlights and safety-minded features such as a padded dashboard and roll bar.

Only a handful of these cars were ever built, with less than 50 surviving today, but that doesn’t stop that small number of owners from gathering to celebrate their unique rides. The Tucker Automobile Club of America partners in classic car events including behind-the-scenes tours at museums, unique driving experiences and a variety of events throughout the year for its members.

Vintage Volkswagen Beetles

There’s just something about this quirky little car that puts a smile on your face. It’s the iconic car of the 1960s but was eventually discontinued as consumer tastes changed. It made a comeback 1997 as the New Beetle to put smiles on the faces of a whole new generation. Sadly, it’s once again being discontinued, and this is its final model year of production.

That long history has led to numerous car clubs celebrating the Beetle around the world. The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America focuses purely on vintage Volkswagen models, particularly air-cooled VWs. If you’re looking for memorabilia, events and get-togethers with vintage Volkswagen owners, this club can help find a group near you.


This is one of the more unique events you’ll find from a car club. While plenty of them do meet-ups and rides, the MINIs on Top club picks a truly unique location for their meetup. This annual event is hosted at the base of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

The day starts with a meet and greet where everyone shows off their ride and competes for best in show awards. Once that’s out of the way, the Minis make the nerve-wracking trek up the narrow road that leads to the top of Mt. Washington. It’s worth it all to enjoy a spectacular view of the White Mountains.


One of the challenges when you own a collectible car is being brave enough to take it out of the garage where there are other cars and people and potential car-damaging dangers. The Unique Car Club’s motto is “Driving Your Cadillac: Get It Out of the Garage,” which is a great way to share some truly unique cars with the public.

Located in Southern California, the group sponsors all manner of events and is open to owners and potential future owners of Cadillacs of any kind. Whether you have a vintage ride from the 1950s or the latest model to roll off the assembly line, all are welcome. The group has regular meetups throughout the area, participates in car shows and even heads out on road trips. Isn’t that a sight you’d love to catch out on the highway?

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep has a reputation for off-road capability, particularly the Wrangler. If you’re planning on driving where there are no roads and where other off-roaders fear to tread, then get yourself a Wrangler. The Lone Star Jeep Club based out of Texas offers unique opportunities for its members to get out and put their Jeeps to the test.

This family-friendly club hosts workshops to teach the basics of off-roading along with more advanced training and technical advice. It also holds drive events so you can enjoy your off-road adventure with friends, and it explores not just the wilds of Texas, but Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas.

There are hundreds of car clubs across the country celebrating everything from vintage models to the newest. Check out these car clubs and those in your area for a fun look at the world of automotive enthusiast.

Are you a member of a car club? What do you enjoy about it? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. You have only scratched the surface with oddball clubs. What about national Oldsmobile, Corvette, Mustang, etc. clubs?!

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