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55 Reasons It’s Great to Be Over 55


As we live longer, we experience greater happiness and enjoy expertise that often eludes us during our younger years. Researchers count these among the reasons to shift our perspective on aging.

Certainly, each year offers more opportunities to pursue our dreams, but redefining 55 means that we may even find ourselves discovering new dreams or turning our hobbies into new income streams.

When you factor in the tranquility of an empty nest, newly available discounts, and all the other reasons on our list, you can see why it’s great to be over 55.

  1. You are open to new experiences. With a world of possibilities still to explore, you’re more apt to take that Alaskan cruise or learn a new language.
  2. People trust your opinion.
  3. You take things in stride. Life may have thrown its share of challenges your way, but you’ve learned to put things in perspective.
  4. Smiles come more easily. Researchers have found that your happiness levels increase as you age.
  5. You’ve learned to say “no.” With clear priorities, it’s easier to turn down opportunities that just don’t feel right.
  6. Everyone wants your recipe. The dishes you made for family and friends have now become a required staple at holiday meals.
  7. Your hobbies might spark a new career. As you devote more time to painting or classic car maintenance, people might offer to pay for your expertise.

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  1. Age-related fashion rules have been rejected. Now, personal style is your guide.
  2. You’re a walking dictionary. Vocabulary continues to expand, giving you an abundance of words to describe your latest adventure.
  3. You welcome the heat. Since sweat glands decrease as you age, summer is even more enjoyable.
  4. Childhood toys are now collectibles. Whether you decide to keep or sell them, your favorite play items have increased in value.
  5. Car insurance may become cheaper if you enroll in an approved driving safety class. Talk to your provider about programs that can help reduce rates. Learn about AAA auto insurance and defensive driving courses.
  6. You become a morning person. Changing sleep patterns might make your alarm a thing of the past.
  7. An empty nest means more time with your partner.
  8. You know the value of prevention. With good health being a high priority, you keep up with doctors’ visits and preventive measures.
  9. A sporty, two-seater car might just be practical. Fewer family passengers means you might finally be able to buy the sporty car you’ve been eyeing.
  10. Your brain still likes a challenge. Not only do you crave new challenges, your brain responds by making new neural connections.
  11. Local community centers offer you free classes and lectures.
  12. Home buying might be in your future. Whether you downsize or move to a new area, you get to experience the joy of owning a new home.
  13. Fads are easier to spot. You’ve lived through failed technology and fashion trends, making it easier to identify what has the potential to last.
  14. Being a grandparent. A child’s perspective invigorates your own view of the world.
  15. Migraines may decrease. Incidence of migraine attacks generally declines with age according to some studies.
  16. You reject trendy diets. Heart-healthy choices are a no-brainer, but you refuse to be a part of the latest diet craze.
  17. Museum discounts allow you to pace yourself. Lower admission prices make it easier to make multiple trips. No more racing from exhibit to exhibit.over 55
  18. Empathy increases. This makes you better at relating to others and helping them with difficult situations.
  19. You resolve conflicts skillfully. Research has shown that you become better at resolving social conflicts as you age.
  20. You know your limits.
  21. Free time increases. Family commitments ease once children leave the home, leaving your non-work hours free for fun activities.
  22. Retirement savings pay off. You finally get to reap the rewards of planning for the future.
  23. You refuse to be defined by a number. When you embrace aging, you focus less on the number and more on healthy living.
  24. Dating is more fun. As you mature, you know more about yourself and what you want, and this translates to a better dating experience.
  25. You can vacation off-season. When kids are heading back to school, popular vacation spots become less crowded and more affordable.
  26. Airline and hotel discounts equal real savings.
  27. You appreciate your accomplishments. Career achievements and solid family relationships are a source of pride.
  28. Quiet is easier to find. An emptier household creates more moments of tranquility.
  29. Your close friendships are even closer.
  30. You look forward to visits from your children. When the family comes together, you cherish every moment.
  31. Empty rooms become hobby spaces. Children’s bedrooms become great spaces for all your hobby equipment.
  32. You’re inclined to make a difference. Civic engagement increases, resulting in positive actions within your community.
  33. Adult children ask you for advice. As they raise their own families, they turn to you for guidance.
  34. Food bills decrease. Without teenagers in the house, your food seems to last longer.
  35. Your social life transforms. When school functions no longer dominate, you can choose who to socialize with more frequently.
  36. Volunteerism fits in your schedule.
  37. You’re less self-conscious. As you age, the fears that prevented you from taking a public dance class or trying a yoga pose in front of strangers often disappear.
  38. Every night can be date night. There is no need for babysitters anymore.
  39. You can rent out extra rooms. If you live in a prime tourist area, this can lead to significant supplemental income.
  40. You’re a problem solver. Studies have suggested that your ability to develop creative solutions to problems increases with age.
  41. You know how to throw a party. A lifetime of holidays, entertaining, and surprise visits has made you better than you realize at playing host.
  42. Your home stays cleaner. With fewer people living at home to create a mess, your space stays more organized.
  43. You continue to surprise yourself. While you are more secure in your identity, you still surprise yourself with new skills and dreams.
  44. Semi-retirement may be a possibility. Even if you’re not planning to retire, you might consider a reduction in hours.
  45. You appreciate your parents in new ways.
  46. Simple pleasures are easier to find. When you’re not racing between commitments, it’s easier to slow down and appreciate simple moments.
  47. You remember to pay it forward. As you acknowledge all the ways others have helped you throughout your life, you’re even more inclined toward acts of kindness.
  48. You’re in good company.

What other reasons are there to celebrate being over 55? Let us know in the comments below! 


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