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Finding a Good Restaurant Just Got a Lot Easier

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Today, when someone stands in the middle of their living room and sends a question out into the universe, the universe answers. Well, Amazon Alexa or Google answers. Same thing, right?

If you say, “Alexa, why is the sky blue?” Alexa is going to tell you why.

And now, when you ask Alexa or Google Home to find a AAA Rated restaurant, they will.

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Many of our homes are now connected with voice assistant technology and AAA is getting in on the trend, helping to answer what is perhaps the most impossible question of all: Where do you want to go for dinner?

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Home now have access to 31,000 AAA Diamond Rated restaurants, making it more convenient than ever to find a place to eat anywhere in the country.

All restaurant information available on and on the AAA Mobile app can now be found with voice assistant commands such as:

“Alexa, ask AAA to find me an Italian restaurant.”

“OK Google, tell AAA Restaurants to find me a restaurant.”

Be sure to pronounce AAA as “Triple A,” and keep in mind that Alexa users must enable the skill first.

AAA is working to apply the technology to other voice-based devices and hopes to expand its future capabilities, like allowing members to someday request AAA Roadside Assistance, track discounts and find out about membership renewal dates via voice.

What AAA skill would you like Alexa and Google Home to learn?


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6 Thoughts on “Finding a Good Restaurant Just Got a Lot Easier

  1. Yes, I said “triple A”. I tried it again today and it’s still not working as it responds with restaurants that have “triple A” in their name.

  2. Hi Robert! So sorry to hear that. I’m going to do a little research and will get back to you. 😉

  3. It’s not working. When I asked Google Home “OK Google, tell AAA Restaurants to find me a restaurant”, it responded with restaurants that had “triple A” in their names!

    1. Hi again!

      Did you try pronouncing AAA as “Triple A”? That might do the trick.
      Let me know how if that works for you.


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