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Marisa Perjatel

Marisa is the content manager for AAA Northeast. She’s been writing and editing for more than a decade, including eight years at AAA. You can say she’s Your AAA Network’s biggest fan. Here, she’s covered everything from insurance to the region’s top restaurants. A native Long Islander, she’s always in search of fun new day trips and drives in and around New York, often guided by the next best place to eat.

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Articles by Marisa Perjatel

car with money

What Is GAP Insurance?

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may want to consider GAP insurance. Learn more about this optional coverage and how it could save you money.

rv safety

RV Safety and Insurance Tips

You can live the nomadic life of your dreams in an RV, but always put safety first.

soul food restaurants

Heart and Soul: Northeast Soul Food Restaurants

Good soul food tastes like a hug feels. Discover culture, tradition and love at these acclaimed institutions.

specialty insurance

Specialty Insurance for Boats, Motorcycles & More

Specialized insurance provides added coverage for your prized possessions.

insurance rates

Why Did My Auto Insurance Rates Go Up?

You might not always be able to prevent your auto insurance rates from going up, but there are steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Best Indoor Water Parks in the Northeast

10 Top Indoor Water Parks in the Northeast

Rain or shine, the weather is always perfect for swimming at these indoor water parks.

sally's apizza

Spend a Moment at … Sally’s Apizza

Taking in the sights, snacks and surroundings at some of our favorite places.

pets covered by insurance

Are Pets Covered by Home and Auto Insurance?

Learn about the pet coverage that may be available through your existing policies and when to consider specialty insurance.

best ski resorts in the northeast

The Top Ski Resorts in the Northeast for Families

No matter your skill level on the slopes, these resorts offer snow-filled fun that everyone can enjoy.

christmas-tree-farms - family looking for a tree

Cut Your Own Tree at Northeast Christmas Tree Farms

Choose and chop the perfect tree this year at a farm near you.

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