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things to do on long island in the summer

Things to Do on Long Island in the Summer

From the south shore to the north shore, there is no shortage of fun things to do on Long Island in the summer.

strawberry picking on long island

Strawberry Picking on Long Island

Discover the best spots to pick strawberries in the area.

travel insurance

Rest Insured With Travel Insurance

Before your next trip, don’t forget to pack peace of mind.

couple arriving in venice. travel advisor myths

Ask an Advisor: Travel Advisor Myths and Facts

AAA travel experts set the record straight on common misconceptions that could be keeping you from saving time and money on trip planning.


Faster Flight Routes for Summer Travel

Newly launched flight paths are aimed at getting travelers to their destinations faster and more efficiently.

yellow cup on yellow background

AAA Photo Session: Color Theme

Share your best photo!

motorcyle ride

Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

Get your motor running! Before the long-awaited first ride of the season, make sure your bike is ready for the road.


Understanding Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy provides protection above and beyond auto and homeowners coverage.

term life insurance

Term Life Insurance Myths and Facts

When weighing your life insurance options, why choose term? We separate the facts from fiction to help you decide.

boat safety tips

Don’t Rock the Boat: Boat Safety Tips

Enjoy your days out on the water responsibly. Protect yourself, your passengers and your boat with these boating and insurance tips.

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