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Specialty Insurance for Boats, Motorcycles & More

If you own a motorcycle, boat, RV, collector car or something else fun to zip around in like an ATV or snowmobile, you know that joyrides are the joys of life. With specialty insurance, you can ensure such prized possessions are well-protected, so you can enjoy a carefree mindset while you’re out cruising.

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What Is Specialty Insurance?

Some insurance carriers allow you to list your boat, motorcycle, RV or other leisure vehicles on your auto or homeowners policy, but with limitations. Specialty policies offer broader coverage and options to protect yourself, your property and others from the unexpected. In addition, you can receive specialized claims handling and customer service, and sometimes, discounts for mature riders, completing training courses and memberships in rider associations or clubs.

Coverage Options 

When shopping for specialty insurance, you can customize your policy with various options, including:

  • Liability – Covers damage you cause to other people and vehicles.
  • Collision – Covers damage to your own property.
  • Comprehensive – Covers theft, vandalism and damage caused by natural causes like storms or hitting an animal.
  • Total Loss Replacement – Will replace your motorcycle, RV or boat if totaled.
  • Wreckage Removal.

Depending on your recreational ride of choice, you will also have specific needs to consider. For example, a watercraft owner might want fishing equipment replacement and on-water towing, while someone with a motorcycle or classic car may consider coverage for custom parts and equipment.

When discussing your policy with your insurance agent, you should also go over exclusions for a full picture of what will and will not be covered.

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Types of Specialty Insurance


Boating and water sports are an integral part of summers in the Northeast. Marinas often ask for proof of coverage before allowing you to dock and lending institutions will also want you to have insurance if you are leasing or financing. But believe it or not, many states do not require boat owners to have insurance. Still, there are many risks out on the water. Whether you have a fishing boat, sailboat, jet ski or other type of watercraft, you will want the best coverage possible. Discounts on watercraft insurance policies might be available based on watercraft-ownership experience.

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With an increased interest in road trip travel, many families are getting into RVing. RVs are more than typical vehicles – they are more like homes on wheels and should be protected as such. The more customized they are, the more there is to protect. You may also want to ask your insurance agent about emergency expense allowance, where if you break down, food and lodging would be covered.

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Motorcycle/Scooter/E-Bike/ATV/Compact Tractor

If you prefer to travel on two-wheels or operate off-road vehicles like ATVs or compact tractors, it’s important your insurance coverage comes along for the ride.

Check state requirements to make sure you have the appropriate amount and type of motorcycle coverage for where you live. Liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage is required in most areas. If you plan to transport anyone on the back of your bike, you may also want to consider guest passenger liability.

Specialty insurance for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs might also include coverage for modifications, safety apparel and helmets. Also, be sure to let your insurance provider know if you own more than one of these types of vehicles or a vintage model, which will likely impact your coverage needs and premium.

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Collector Car

Collector car owners often put many hours into restoring and maintaining their vehicles, and as soon as the weather starts to warm up, they love to show them off.

Collector car insurance covers antiques, muscle cars, vintage race cars, kit cars, military vehicles, new exotics, tractors, custom cars and fire engines. Restorations in process, harder-to-place autos (such as Cobras) and collector trucks also may be eligible.

Like any car, collector car coverage needs to meet state mandates, but unlike traditional car insurance, age, quality, workmanship and miles driven are among the factors your insurance agent will need to consider when customizing a policy that fits your needs.

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Have fun out there!

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