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Subscription Boxes You’ll Love to Look Forward To

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Remember when you’d get a package or card in the mail as a child? The sense of excitement as you tore it open, wondering what was inside? Well, now you can recapture some of that thrill with monthly subscription boxes. From food and relaxation to pets and hobbies, there’s a box out there for everyone.

We rounded up some of the best box subscriptions to show the impressive range of goodies available. Read on for inspiration and, perhaps, a little gift-giving to yourself!

Food and Drink

Home Chef

Cooking at home is fun, but going to the grocery store can be such a chore sometimes. With Home Chef, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of gathering ingredients. This subscription box will deliver all the ingredients and instructions for two perfect meals to your doorstep every week! You can create and enjoy meals like crispy Dijon chicken, shrimp lo mein, butternut squash gnocchi and more. You don’t have to be a professional chef to make a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home. AAA members can get $110 off their first four boxes with promo code AAANE110.


If you’re looking for your new favorite wine, try Winc’s online quiz. It’s only a minute long, and it helps Winc determine your tastes, your palate and your preferences. With a Winc subscription, you’ll get four bottles a month delivered right to your door. You’ll be an at-home sommelier in no time! AAA members can save on their first order, plus free shipping to boot.


Have you ever wanted to expand your snacking palate? Bokksu delivers authentic Japanese candy and snack foods each month. Every box includes 20-25 selections of Japanese teas, candies, cakes, chips, mochi and other premium snacks. It also comes with a culture guide that will show you where in Japan your snacks come from and tell you about their story. Buy it here.

Simple Loose Leaf

You can never have enough tea. The Simple Loose Leaf subscription box delivers a curated, monthly selection of premium tea blends from around the world. You’ll also receive tasting notes about the origin of the teas, what their flavor notes are and how you can best brew and enjoy them. Buy it here.

subscription box

Pet Box Subscriptions 


Get a box of fun surprises for your fur baby every month with a BarkBox Subscription. Every 30 days, your pooch will get two bags of healthy treats, two unique toys and a dental chew. They’ll never get bored! All items in BarkBoxes are made in the USA with locally-sourced materials free of wheat, corn and soy. If your toys/treats don’t work for any reason, let the company know; their Scout’s Honor Guarantee means they promise to replace or make the situation right every time. AAA members can get a free extra toy in every BarkBox when they sign up!


Not ready to commit to a monthly subscription? Check out the Chewy Goody Box, which offers a huge variety of themed boxes for cats and dogs. Filled with handpicked treats, toys and other goodies, these boxes will be a delightful surprise for your furry friend. Plus, since it’s not a subscription, you can choose which box you want and know ahead of time what special treats they’ll contain! AAA members can save on Chewy products.

Self Care Subscription Boxes


Need some “me” time? TheraBox will remind you to kick up your feet and take some time for yourself every month. Each box includes items that will help you relax and unwind, like scented candles, luxury bath products, mindfulness activities, sleep masks and more. It’s a great excuse to give yourself some much-needed self care. Buy it here.

Allure Beauty Box

Most makeup lovers are always looking for new products to try. The Allure Beauty Box is box subscription that sends at least three full-size products, some mini items and a pocket-sized magazine filled with beauty tips and exclusive offers every month. Buy it here.

GQ’s Best Stuff

Don’t just get recommendations, get quality products delivered straight to you four times a year! GQ’s Best Stuff will send you seasonal boxes filled with just the right stuff to get the season started on the right foot. Boxes have featured products like body wash, skin and beard lotion, designer fragrances, sheet masks, sunglasses, water bottles and even clothes. Buy it here.

Just for Fun

Crated with Love

Are you out of date night ideas? Crated with Love is a date night in a box! Every month, you’ll receive a themed box filled with games, activities, recipes and even a playlist for your date. It’s a great way to make a date night in feel unique and fun. Buy it here.

Hunt A Killer

You can put your detective skills to the test with Hunt A Killer, an immersive game that makes you the main character of a murder mystery. With each box, you’ll receive new pieces of evidence, like a handwritten letter, a pamphlet for a national park, a notebook, an ID badge or something completely unexpected. Can you catch the killer? This set comes with every episode, so you won’t have to wait for the next box to continue unraveling the mystery. Buy it here.

Kids and Families


Kids love to be creative, but sometimes it can be tough to think of new and exciting activities for them. KiwiCo is a subscription service that delivers enriching monthly activities featuring science and art. You can choose from a variety of interests and age groups to make sure your child is getting the box that’s right for them. KiwiCo offers boxes like the Panda Crate for ages 0-24 months, the Yummy Crate for young chefs, the Tinker Crate for budding engineers, the Doodle Crate for new artists and so much more. AAA members can save 40% off their first crate.


Raddish is a kids cooking subscription box that will send you three kid-friendly recipe cards and a new kitchen tool every month. The recipes will help teach cooking skills throughout different cultures and cuisines, and the special tools will help any young chef feel at home in the kitchen. Buy it here.

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What do you think is the best monthly box subscription? Do you sign up for any that we talked about? Tell us about it in the comments.


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