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8 Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees

work at home jobs

Even after saying goodbye to their usual 9 to 5 job, many retirees prefer to take up a new vocation in their spare time. While some are looking for an additional income stream, others simply pick up a new job to try something new, keep busy or return to something they’ve always enjoyed. The opportunity to work from home is also an added bonus.

Here are some of the most popular and flexible work-at-home job options for retirees.

Customer Service Rep

Working as a customer service representative can be a fulfilling, flexible job for retirees. If you love talking with people and helping them solve their problems, you can work as a remote employee for a company in need of someone with strong people skills. Although many customer service jobs are now online and involve helping customers via digital chat, there are also plenty of opportunities for phone representatives. These jobs usually require minimal experience, so if you can learn on your toes and demonstrate an outgoing personality and professional demeanor, you should be able to find an opportunity quickly.


Transcription involves listening to an audio file or watching a video and writing the audio as text. Working as a transcriber is an ideal part-time job for many retirees, as it’s easy to pick up and doesn’t require many demands beyond being a fast typist and detail-oriented. However, this job can be challenging depending on the quality of the audio. In order to transcribe audio in a specific area, such as the medical field, you may also need to recognize industry jargon and know how to spell these words when you hear them.

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Graphic Designer

If you have a background in graphic design or art, freelance graphic design is a work-at-home job that will allow you to use your creative skills.  Even if you don’t have previous work experience, online design courses can help you pick up the essentials in just a few months. Unlike illustration or related art fields, graphic design projects don’t always require you to be well-versed in drawing; all you need is a grasp of how to use typography, color and other visual elements to create a well-designed website, logo or brochure. While it can be difficult to find a stable job as a designer, freelance sites like Upwork have plenty of opportunity for freelance gigs.


After retirement, why not put your many decades worth of experience to good use? Becoming a business consultant is a great option for seasoned professionals, especially if your knowledge and expertise is in high demand. Do a search online for what other consultants are charging in your field and establish a basic web presence so businesses can seek you out. Consulting can be one of the most rewarding post-retirement, work-at-home jobs and allows you a chance to give back to other eager professionals who could benefit from your knowledge.


Do you have a creative hobby you’ve enjoyed over the years? Retirement may offer you the perfect opportunity to turn your craft into a new source of income. Even just a few decades ago, it was expensive to open your own crafts store and sell pottery, jewelry or knitwear. Today, countless artisans and craftspeople set up their own digital storefronts on sites like Etsy and have thriving online businesses. Fortunately, it only takes a small amount of money to set up shop online, and you’ll take home much of the profit. With a little bit of clever marketing, you can expand your reach and potentially find customers from all around the globe.

work at home jobs

Pet Sitter

 If you like animals, you’ll love working as a pet sitter. You can network with friends and family to find opportunities or leverage your online network to find people in need of a pet sitter. However, as you may be dealing with potentially dangerous animals, it’s always a good idea to take precautions and learn all you can about the temperament of the pets. Depending on local regulations, you may also need additional licenses and/or insurance in order to take care of pets, so be sure to do some research before getting started.


Are you a stickler for proper grammar and know the rules of the English language inside and out? Working as a copyeditor or proofreader might be an ideal fit for you. Digital magazines, blogs, novelists and others are always in need of editorial assistance. Telecommuting is becoming more widespread every year, so you may be able to find a cozy job after retirement that allows you to edit from the comfort of your own home. If not, there are plenty of freelance opportunities online that can bring in some extra cash. Of course, it will help you stand out if you have a prior editorial background or have experience working with style guides.

Online Tutor

It’s easy to get started as an online tutor if you have the basic requirements, such as a webcam and video conferencing software. Tutors are sought after for a variety of subjects, from SAT prep and math tutoring for teens to essay writing or ESL language learning for adults or college students. While it certainly helps to have a background in education, it’s not a necessity. As long as you have subject matter knowledge and feel confident you can help students improve their grades or skills, tutoring can be an enjoyable and worthwhile way to spend time in retirement.

For more retirement job ideas, check out these part-time options, or maybe you would rather volunteer

Are you working during your retirement? Tell us about your work-at-home job in the comments. Then, learn how AAA can help you save and manage your money. 


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5 Thoughts on “8 Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees

  1. Sometimes working as a volunteer can lead to a part-time paying position where you can decide the number of hours and days you’d like to work.

  2. I am interested in a part time position as transcriber or Work at Home Customer Service Representative. How do I go about securing such?

  3. These are somewhat reasonable ideas that need more specific How-To details to help us get up & running. It would be really great to have names of companies hiring, organizations that help a person launch their own small local business such as a pet-sitter, and ways to prepare making items to have in volume to then sell on-line with instructions on setting up places to sell online. Thanks for making this information available so we can afford to live in a way that reduces financial worry!!!

  4. Copy editing and proof reader for me but these are all great suggestions. A lifetime of legal writing should qualify me.

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