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The 7 Best Part-Time Retirement Jobs

Retirement preparation is hard work! You’re figuring out your finances, budget, housing … and whether or not to look for a new job.

While you may be ready to leave your career, there are multiple reasons to browse retirement jobs – like boosting your monthly income, staying active or contributing to the community.

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Whatever your reason, we’re making your search a little easier by narrowing things down. Here’s our roundup of the seven best part-time retirement jobs out there.

The 7 Best Part-Time Retirement Jobs

1) Consultant / Freelancer

You may be ready for fewer hours and less commitment, but you still love what you do and have valuable knowledge from decades of experience.

Whatever your area of expertise (marketing, management, bookkeeping, law, etc.) becoming a consultant or freelancer in your industry is an easy way to transition into part-time work. Plus, you’ll be able to charge a higher hourly rate than you could in a full-time position, a great advantage if your goal is to have extra cash each month.

To get the ball rolling, do some networking within your company to see what types of projects you could consult on, or reach out to small businesses that need the services you’ll provide.

2) Driver

If you’re itching to leave the confines of office life and want the power to set your own schedule, driving professionally could be a great job for retirement.

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are always recruiting and typically offer generous signup bonuses for new drivers. You can also check out food delivery services like GrubHub, Caviar and DoorDash (or your local equivalent), or apply for more traditional positions, like driving a school bus or airport shuttle.

 3) Retail

Whether you’re interested in fashion, cooking, reading, the outdoors, gardening or sports, chances are there’s a nearby store that’s hiring (maybe even your favorite store!). Working retail is a convenient way to get part-time or seasonal hours, as many stores need to take on extra help during the holidays.

If being a salesperson sounds intimidating, consider that retail is usually less about being pushy and more about connecting people with things that they need. Like helping someone find a book they’ll love, the right seeds to plant in their garden or a dress that flatters their figure.

4) Tutor / Teacher

Are you an excellent writer? A whiz at math? If flexible hours are the top priority for your retirement job, tutoring could be a great option. There are opportunities for teaching and tutoring at every level, from K-12 to college and adults and seniors who want to explore a new hobby.

You can find tutoring jobs online through and, or get in touch with local schools and community centers.

Teaching may bring to mind traditional school subjects like history and Spanish, but it could also be an opportunity to engage with your talents and interests. Imagine teaching art classes at your local library, organizing a cooking class through or leading a knitting class at a retirement home.

5) Caregiver

If you’re ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of business life, consider becoming a part-time caregiver when you retire. Many working parents prefer a nanny over day care for their baby or toddler, and there’s a big need for after-school care and transportation for grade school children.

And if nannying isn’t your thing, consider eldercare instead. Many seniors are able to live on their own but need transportation to appointments and assistance with chores like shopping, cooking, laundry and housekeeping.

You can find caregiver jobs through your local community and at sites like and

retirement jobs

6) Pet Sitter

Are you an animal lover? There is a huge demand for pet sitters and dog walkers, especially in cities.

Professionals working long hours may not be able to dash home in time to take their dog out. And even if you live in a small town or rural area, pet owners still need someone to care for their cat or iguana while they’re on vacation.

You can find pet sitting jobs through your friends, and through sites like, and

7) Fitness Instructor / Coach

If you’re high-energy and love to stay active, consider becoming a fitness instructor or coaching your favorite sport. These are jobs that will help you stay fit during your retirement while also giving back to the community.

Coaching basketball or tennis at a summer camp is a great opportunity for both part-time work and mentoring. Or you can help others improve their fitness by leading yoga or swimming classes at a YMCA.

Some activities require a certification, but a quick Google search should reveal local and online programs available.

What are your retirement plans? Tell us your dream retirement job in the comments below!

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