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Score a Great Deal on Your Next Car

cash for your car

Buying a car can be exciting, but stressful. Getting a good price will lessen the latter. John Paul, AAA’s Car Doctor, has the following advice to help you get a fair deal on your next purchase.

Research the market.

The internet is loaded with resources for researching vehicle prices. Websites such as provide price ranges for new vehicle sales, as well as factory invoice prices so you know what vehicles cost dealers. You can also look up used vehicle prices, and, with websites such as, see pricing on similar used vehicles in your area.

Look into rebates and anticipate sales.

Always ask about rebates or incentives. Don’t assume salespeople will mention them. Also, be mindful of when you’re buying. Prices for 2017 vehicles could fall when 2018 models hit the lot, and we’ve all seen holiday weekend sales commercials. You may find deals at the end of the month – or year – as dealers work toward sales quotas.

Conduct background checks.

There are multiple places online where you can view vehicle history reports using a vehicle identification number. You’ll want to know if a vehicle has been in a body shop or has any other sordid history when assessing its price.

Call an expert.

Like the previous entry, this tip is geared toward used vehicle purchases. Ask to have a vehicle inspected by a trusted repair technician. If a dealer refuses, this could be a valuable red flag. And knowing future maintenance expenses can help you determine if you’re getting a good deal.

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