A Little Car Maintenance Goes a Long Way

A Little Car Maintenance Goes a Long Way

AAA estimates that Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. That translates into more than 293 hours, or just over 12 full days of driving time. That’s a lot of work for both car and driver. What could possibly go wrong?

We know the dangers when drivers are impaired, drowsy or distracted. We discuss that a lot in our educational outreach and advocacy. We also know that well-maintained cars can last longer than ever before. We talk about that as well, and it’s appropriate to do so now, in the weeks and months before another Northeast winter arrives.

October might be the most critical month when it comes to preparing for the weather ahead and car maintenance. That’s why AAA Northeast recognizes each October as AAA Car Care Month, complete with opportunities for members to have their vehicles checked out before the cold and snow arrive.

When was the last time you changed your vehicle’s windshield wiper blades? How about making sure the summer heat didn’t drain the battery of all the power it will need for winter? When did you last change the oil or rotate the tires?

In this issue, you’ll find details of special AAA Car Care Month offers for members. They include Saturday battery and vehicle inspection checks at AAA locations, and a special discount at participating AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities. You can receive specific information about our special offers by visiting AAA.com/CarCareMonth.

Earlier this year, a AAA survey found that 64 million U.S. drivers would not be able to pay for an unexpected vehicle repair without taking on debt, suggesting that many Americans may not fully realize the costs associated with owning and operating a vehicle. In 2016, that figure was over $8,500, with an estimated $800 allotted for maintenance and repairs.

Here is where the AAA Approved Auto Repair program is one of your best member benefits. There are hundreds of local AAA Approved facilities, and thousands nationwide, that all meet our stringent standards for training, equipment and, especially, customer service and satisfaction.

Handling car maintenance issues before or as they arise – rather than waiting for them to escalate – is a good way to protect both your vehicle and your wallet.

By Mark A. Shaw

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