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4 Projects That Will Make Your Car Look and Smell Amazing

4 Projects That Will Make Your Car Look and Smell Amazing

Get in the spring spirit by cleaning the inside of your car. Here are four car cleaning projects that will make your vehicle look and smell amazing. For best results, try them after your next car wash.

An inside job

Your vehicle’s windshield takes all sorts of abuse, from bug splatter to bird droppings. Wiper fluid should take care of most of those messes, but what about the
interior? Oils and chemicals inside your vehicle (smoking, too) can create a film on the windshield and windows. Wipe it away using a microfiber cloth or paper towel dampened with some non-ammonia glass cleaner.

Dust that dash

Take two minutes to dust the dashboard, vents and center console. Cleaning wipes are fine, but avoid products that leave a greasy finish, which could actually attract dust and create reflections that impair your vision.

Suck it up

Vacuum the entire interior, paying special attention to the areas underneath and between the seats, where food crumbs and other junk tends to fall. Use compressed air or the blow cycle on your vacuum to dislodge trapped dirt. Many stores also sell detailing attachments for vacuums at reasonable prices.

Make scents

Put the finishing touch on your clean car with a do-it-yourself air freshener that fits in your car’s cup holder. Fill a 4-ounce Mason jar halfway with baking soda, add your favorite essential oils, and poke 10 or so holes in the lid.


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