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Recharge Your Battery for Summer


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A majority of the roadside assistance calls AAA Northeast receives are for battery and electrical issues. Yet many of these problems can be avoided with precautionary steps. Here are a few tips to keep your car battery in top shape.


You should drive your vehicle several times per week to maintain a full state of charge. These drives should be longer trips with steady cruise speeds.

“Short, local trips are not optimal for longest battery life and performance,” said Jason Carrara, manager of technical program training at AAA Northeast. “Very short trips don’t provide the necessary recharging a battery requires after starting the engine.”

Battery Terminals

When battery terminals are corroded, electricity can’t flow properly and your engine won’t start. Periodically disconnecting the car battery to clean its terminals with water and baking soda can help extend its life. This can also be performed by AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities or AAA Car Battery Service.

Testing Your Battery

Batteries become damaged in hot weather and stressed in cold weather. Damage that occurs during summer months may not reveal itself until the winter, when more power is needed to start the vehicle.

“If your car needed a jump in cold weather, you fixed the symptom, but not the underlying problem,” said AAA’s Car Doctor John Paul.

The average car battery life in the Northeast is between three to five years. As they age, batteries should be checked yearly.

Learn more about AAA battery services.


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