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Make a Healthy Atmosphere for Your Animals

make a healthy home for your pet

Pets spend a lot of time inside, even in the warmer months. Imagine asking your dog how you could improve things for him, and him saying, “Well, actually, I’ve got a few ideas…”

Since we don’t (yet) have the technology to understand animals, why not try the following tips to make your home into a healthier, happier environment for your pets?

Try out one of these DIY pet beds while you’re at it.

Plant Responsibly

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warns that lilies, tulip bulbs, azalea, English ivy, chrysanthemums, poinsettias and other common house plants, if ingested by pets, can result in vomiting, diarrhea, depression of the central nervous system, abdominal pain and more. In extreme cases, the toxins can be fatal.

You can satisfy your kitties by planting cat grass. A mix of oat, rye, barley and wheat grasses, cat grass is a safe snack for cats to munch on. When planted in a big enough container, it can also serve as a natural bed.

Mix Food and Play

Dogs and cats alike can benefit from more exercise, especially when their owners are often away from home. But that’s not always true.

“You may think that since your pet has access to toys or a yard while you’re away, he may be thoroughly entertained without you,” said Dr. Amy Farcas, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist who writes for “However, most pets don’t engage in much play on their own.”

Food-dispensing toys keep pets entertained, active and mentally stimulated when you can’t be around. They also slow your pet’s food intake. Swap your pet’s food bowls for a feeding station that includes puzzles he must solve in order to get his food.

Baby-Proof Your Home

Pet owners must act as if there’s a baby in the house until their pets are trained to not chew on everything in sight. Try to hide wires and cords, which are serious hazards to any pet that might be roaming freely around the house.

How do you make sure your home is a healthy haven for your pet? Tell us in the comments below!

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