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Can I Rent My House Through a Home-Sharing Service?

Offering up your house through a home-sharing service can have unexpected ramifications.

Can I rent out my house through a home-sharing service?

Many mortgages have occupancy clauses requiring a borrower to maintain a property as a primary home. Violating the clause may trigger severe penalties, like the entire loan becoming due. Also, lenders usually require homeowners insurance, which may prohibit the property from being used as a rental.

Since the specific terms of mortgages and homeowners insurance policies can vary, the best bet is to check with your lender and insurance provider. If you get permission to rent, be sure to get it in writing.

— Steven Vieira, director of mortgage operations and sales for AAA Northeast

AAA Northeast’s insurance agents can help you understand what is and isn’t allowed by a homeowners policy. They can also make sure you aren’t paying too much. Start the conversation today by visiting  


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