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Trending Atari Hotel

Ready Player One

Do you love retro video games like Pong, Centipede, Asteroids and everything ’80s?

Then you may want to consider a stay at the new Atari Hotels, slated to open in Las Vegas and Phoenix next year. Developed by Atari and the GSD Group, the pop culture hotspots will be fi lled with vintage arcades, speak-easies, restaurants, nightclubs and immersive entertainment sure to appeal to anyone who’s ever spent a pocketful of quarters and countless afternoons trying to get – or keep – a high score.

Additional hotels are being planned for Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco and San Jose. No quarters required.

Trending Friends virtual tour

The One With the Virtual Tour

Just in time for the much-awaited “Friends” reunion – which cast member Matthew Perry revealed should happen in March – a tour company has crafted a virtual tour just perfect for these pandemic times, when pivoting (ha!) is necessary.

On Location Tours’ “Friends” virtual tour package features 18 stops of places made famous in the show, including Monica’s apartment, the Museum of Natural History (where Ross worked as a paleontologist) and Central Perk. The tour, which you can find at, also comes with a “Friends” umbrella and mug, and admission to a virtual “Friends” trivia night.

Trending Extra Baggae

Extra Baggage

Quick quiz: What items have been discovered in unclaimed luggage?

A suit of armor.
B. A 15-foot rocket.
C. A xylophone from Neil Diamond’s 2008 tour.
D. A 40-carat emerald.
E. All of the above.

You guessed it: E. And there just happens to be a store that buys the 0.03% of luggage unclaimed every year and sells the contents in its shop in Alabama and an online marketplace.

Unclaimed Baggage ( is home to everything from fi ne jewelry and clothing to handbags, shoes and sporting goods. So much sporting goods, in fact, that the store holds an annual ski event to get rid of surplus.

Some of its more unique items include armor, a bear pelt, a 4-foot-tall puppet from the movie “Labyrinth,” and a (live!) rattlesnake.

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