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5 Great Family Trip Ideas

family trip ideas

Some of the most treasured vacation moments happen spontaneously, like when you unexpectedly come across a beautiful sight or you look around and everyone is enjoying the day’s activities completely in sync.

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Behind the scenes, a well-orchestrated trip lays the groundwork for these moments. From picking the best destination to organizing a themed vacation, here are the family trip ideas that will keep your vacation moving along smoothly.

Weigh Domestic Versus International Destinations

With travel inspiration and trip ideas for families everywhere you turn, it can be difficult to narrow down the destination options. However, no matter where you decide to go, you must make sure the location is safe, fun for all ages and within your budget. Now, the decision is to choose whether to travel domestic or international as they both have their advantages and challenges.

Through an international trip, children have the opportunity to gain a more expansive view of the world, which often jump-starts a lifelong love of travel and adventure. For parents who have never traveled to a location before, the chance to share this first-time experience with their children is a major draw. The most challenging part is coordinating the logistics, particularly when you decide to embark on an extensive trip such as a multi-city tour of Europe.

It may seem overwhelming to plan a trip that takes your family to London, Amsterdam, Venice and Paris, but these are just some of the stops included in an escorted vacation package like the Trafalgar European Whirl. By placing your vacation in the hands of travel experts, you can avoid the stress of organizing transportation connections and selecting the best hotel accommodations in each city, allowing you more freedom to enjoy every leg of your European trip with your family. Parents also find it easier to relax when they have a guide who can answer questions about the local area and provide recommendations about restaurants and interesting excursions along the way.

If you’re sorting through domestic trip ideas for your family, rest assured that your children will still gain a new cultural perspective, but this time in their own country. As they see extraordinary sights within the U.S., they will learn about history, nature and the local art, opening their eyes to the varied landscapes and local cultures they encounter. The most challenging aspect of a domestic vacation is planning an itinerary that will keep everyone entertained, particularly when children of multiple ages are involved.

Organize Your Trip Around a Theme

While transportation and hotel accommodations may be less challenging to coordinate on a domestic trip, families often find it difficult to fill the days with the right activities. By organizing a trip around a theme and including multiple destinations, family members of all ages are more likely to stay engaged, and teenagers are less likely to complain of boredom.

Among the popular trips for families are those that delve into the story of American independence, including visits to historic cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. If American history is your primary focus, consider the Pilgrims and Patriots package offered by Trafalgar.

family trip ideas

Teach Children About the Value and Cost of Travel

In the same way that individual travelers may have a travel bucket list of destinations they would like to visit, many have a list of places they would like to visit with their families. Topping the list of international family destinations are the Caribbean, Canada and Europe, while Florida, California and New York remain popular for domestic trips.

It’s always important to stay within the bounds of what is affordable for your family, but you might consider saving for a future trip now and letting children know what’s in the works. Once you’ve set your sights on a future destination, let everyone know so that they can become engaged in the trip from the outset. When children understand that travel is valuable to the quality of life but should also be financially within means, they learn important lessons about budgeting.

Pack the Right Gear for Every Family Member

A forgotten toy can wreak havoc on the beginning of a trip, so make sure to have comprehensive lists of what every family member will need and check them multiple times before embarking on your journey. Those lists should include everything from clothing and toiletries to your child’s chosen stuffed animal. If your trip will include water or sports activities, make sure to pack the proper outfits, gear, and sun and bug protection. When you’re on a tour like the Trafalgar Greek Island Hopper package, you’ll certainly want bathing suits for everyone to wear on the golden beaches of Mykonos. While it may be possible to purchase a forgotten item at your destination, you can’t guarantee that you’ll find just what you need.

Amid planning lists for other members of your family, make sure to prioritize your essentials as well. When the adults on the trip have everything they need, they’re more relaxed and able to enjoy the travel experience. Taking care of everyone’s needs includes anticipating your own.

Plan Entertainment for the Journey

Even if your trip moves along exactly as planned, vacations involve a lot of transportation between destinations. Sometimes they even involve flight delays, traffic and other unavoidable circumstances. Whether you plan car games or bring movies that children can watch on the plane, bring the necessary technology and activities to keep everyone occupied. While young ones watch a movie or teenagers listen to their favorite music, adults enjoy the quiet time that comes from remembering to bring enough sets of headphones.

Spending vacation time together extends the love of travel throughout the family. As you weigh the options, these tips can help you orchestrate a remarkable vacation full of priceless, cherished memories.

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